Review movie Bridge of Spies 2015

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James Donovan, the insurance lawyer unexpectedly becomes a giant in the cold war; regarded as Tom Hanks. He is smart, courageous, brilliant and playing the fool. He is also a straight shooter as he stalks the world of riddles. Prudently, Steven Spielberg casts Hanks to play him and has decided to go after his worthy cogitation on the Lincoln prominence with another historical renewal. The film references to the Glienicke Bridge - a place of making spy-swaps in the shuddering pre-dawn Berlin. There is a lot of speech causing gusts, agitating high-minded virtues. The American justice has to be on trial. The Donovan’s specific passage of history does not naturally fit into a movie, an HBO series could have helped the complications better, but Spielberg keeps the show in a deliberate old fashion. His looks are polished yet dreamlike.

The shapelier half shows Donovan’s attempt of steering the law to the defense of Abel. In an irony, it is a trial to anything that the Soviet can throw. His persistence on the American standards makes him named as unpatriotic although he is sufficiently smart to see that Abel can be insurance alongside America’s spying squad. Just like Stewart and Cooper, Hanks is a force driving the movie forward. Mark Rylance opts for a different trick. He summons consideration for this unattractive and strange figure much of a principled man as a lawyer. The Donovan’s second part of the journey is less fluent but still entertaining. While bridged by the U-2 plane moving down in hails from CGI, the movie reminds of 1962. Unofficially, Donovan crosses the raised wall of Berlin while tensely bargaining the power trade for Abel with a group of agents. While harmonizing the grim and separated city, the tone changes to bleak and humorist, bringing us to Coen boys. Spielberg enrolled them to peep the script of Matt Charman. Here, one can detect their quirky voice roaming everywhere without destroying the mood as it snoops the realpolitik for the absurdity.

June 09, 2022
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