Review of resumes of the job seekers

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Joe's Resume

Joe's resume is thorough enough to describe him as a person as well as his profession. His resume is of the practical kind, in which he catches the employer's eye by showing his qualifications that are relevant to the technician job description. He describes his experiences in diverse fields, as he has served in various organizations with varying roles and occupations. He has attended Community and Valley Colleges for preparation but has not specified his degree of qualifications, despite the fact that the agency wants to recruit someone with a High School Diploma. His working experience is excellent as per the requirements of the employer because he has worked for over seven years.

Rose E. Smith's Resume

Rose E. Smith is another suitable candidate for the job. She presents her resume to the employer since she believes she is the best candidate to handle the job. She makes a good impression to the employer by showing that she is a high school graduate having graduated with a high school diploma. She has worked in different organizations meaning that her work experience is way above the required seven years. She lacks advanced technical training in her resume which serves as an added advantage. However, she has different skills in plumbing, cleaning, and operating machines as required. Her resume is not detailed enough, but the employer can tell her skills since she has had good working experience and the relevant high school diploma.

Jan I. Tor's Resume

Jan I. Tor is the other interested candidate for the technician job. He presents his skills first to the employer, meaning that his resume is the functional type where the employer gets to know the skills of the candidate first. His working experience is, however, not eight years since he has worked in different organizations serving different capacities rather than the technical job. He has a high school diploma and has several accomplishments. He has completed study during the program which makes him have an added advantage. He has accomplished some things in his career as well as having working experience meaning that he can do a lot for the organization. One can judge that from his resume; he seems young, therefore, has more energy to offer in the organization.

Selection Techniques for Employers

There are some things employers consider when hiring employees. Some employers focus on their instinct and choose an employer whom they think is right and will fit in the organizational culture and enhance teamwork (Murphy, 2012). However, there are different selection techniques employers need to consider rather than focusing on their instincts. The employer should consider if the skills match the specifications of the job meaning that should the skills match, then the candidate is the best suitable for the job. Training is important should the candidate be selected for the job (Durai, 2010). Working experience is another technique considered by employees. If the work experience best suits the job requirement, then the candidate needs to be hired. Employers need to focus more on the accomplishments of the candidate rather than an emphasis on the weaknesses. The resume describes the candidate and should the employer like the resume, interviews follow where the employer finally decides to either hire or dismiss the candidate (Krantman, 2013). The candidate should ensure that the resume is attractive and appealing enough to the employer.

Summary and Conclusion

Focusing on the three candidates, the employer is likely to consider someone who has great work experience, has a high school diploma, and is skillful enough. Joe's resume is detailed enough and appealing enough to the employer but does not meet the education requirements since he does not have a high school diploma. However, he has had training at the college meaning that he is educated and has worked in different organizations as a technician. Focusing on his work experience, the employer would choose him since he meets all the work experience requirements. He has great accomplishments meaning that he does not deserve being dismissed. However, his resume does not show his intentions of remaining innovative and be of great use to the organization.

Rose E. Smith's Resume

Rose has a fine resume which appeals to the employer too since she has the required high school diploma. Also, she has good work experience in different organizations. However, her work experience does not closely match the requirements of the job which would make her easily dismissed even though she has a strong education background. Her resume does not fully appease the employer since the job experience is not comprehensive enough.

Jan I. Tor's Resume

Jan has a great resume in which he describes himself, his skills, work experience, and accomplishments. From his job experience, one can judge he is a young person, therefore, fully energized to serve best in the position. He has accomplished so much in his career despite being young, which makes him the best fit for the job. He is the most suitable for the position because he is not only educated but experienced as well. His work experience closely matches the requirement of the job, meaning that little training would be enough to ensure he does the job excellently. Jan's resume is appealing because he begins with his skills first, then the work experience, education, and finally the accomplishments. He is outgoing, meaning that he can be of great use to the organization and accomplish more in his career. Jan seems to be creative and innovative, meaning that he will bring in new energy to the organization.


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October 25, 2022

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