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Writing is one of the most difficult activities on the planet. It's no surprise that authors are held in high regard and esteem all over the world. Any authors' works take a long time to complete. Leo Tolstoy wrote the epic novel 'War & Peace' over a ten-year cycle. Many drafts must be written before the final version is chosen. To produce a final draft, the authors will also need to combine two or three earlier drafts. When combining previous drafts, the writer must also rewrite the initial thesis points made in previous drafts. In the first two instalments of the series of assignments on relating the theory of ‘Biopower’ proposed by the famous French philosopher Michel Foucault with the TV series ‘The Night Of’, I had described the plot of the TV series in one assignment and the theses statement in the second one. The first part of the assignment focuses on elucidating the events in the life of Nasir. Nasir is a young Pakistani American with a lot of ambitions in his mind regarding his future. He meets with a beautiful young woman named Andrea during one his visits to London. Instead of going to the party, they end up having sex and doing drugs in an apartment. When Andrea was found dead the next morning, Nasir was immediately suspected of the crime without any conclusive evidence. In the second assignment, the theory or Bio Power proposed by the French philosopher was detailed and a theses statement developed. While drafting the assignment 3, no major changes to the first two assignments were needed. I had to just merge the plot of ‘The Night Of’ to put a more coherent paper forward. However, the assimilation of the first two theories was hugely beneficial as the readers can get a better idea of what I was trying to tell them. By the time the last paragraph (conclusion) was written, the reader is clearly made aware of the injustices suffered by foreign individuals in domestic courts. While explaining this, it was also made clear that Bio Power was even used by many and judges and juries all over the world to strengthen the case against the suspects. The highlighting of the fact that the seemingly unrelated issues of drug abuse and murder were used to showcase self-destructive behaviour made the assimilation even more enlightening to read. The production of ideas from assignments 1 and 2 increased my understanding of the art of writing.

While assimilating the assignments one and two had a good effect on increasing the understanding of the readers regarding the plot of the story and the theory of Bio Power, the further assimilation of assignments 3 and 4 had an even better effect on making the underlying concept easily understandable to the targeted readers. After thoroughly merging the underlying plot behind the popular TV series ‘The Night Of’ and the theory of Bio Power in assignment 3, assignment four focused on adding more detail to the events in the TV series and the theory of Bio Power and the way they were connected. In the draft of assignment 4, more focus was put on the controversies surrounding the theory of Bio Power proposed by Michel Foucault. It deals with the ideas of Racism that form the basis of his theory. According to Foucault, Racism is one of the most common instincts seen among the human beings all over the world. Racism forces people to treat their own race to be superior to other groups of people around the world. This idea can lead to problems and can even lead to some serious harm to the human race. Foucault gives the example of how the Nazi’s considered the Aryan race to be superior and was destined to rule the world. This made belief ultimately led to the destruction of the majority of the European Jewish population in the name of maintaining the purity of the blood of the superior race. Assignment 4 concludes by saying that the theory of Bio Power, despite its strengths in making sense of human behaviour, fails to give a complete understanding of the problems related to race.

While drafting Assignment 5, a more comprehensive understanding of the problem presented in the TV series ‘The Night Of’ in relation to the theory of Bio Power produced. It was possible to overcome some of the limitations that I was presented while drafting Assignment 3. While assignment 3 just focused on giving a proper sense of events presented in assignment 1, assignment 5 could even deal with the limitations of the theory of Bio Power when linked to the ill treatment of foreign national in the hands of law enforcements agencies in foreign lands. When looking at my journey from the draft of assignment 1 to assignment 5, it is clear that writing is a creative art that should be perfected over a period of time.

September 11, 2021



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