Rhetorical Analysis of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The textbook's strong segment

The textbook presented has a very strong segment that is mainly evident in the style of writing that is being used by the authors. They have been able to use rhetorical devices in the most proper way. The syntax, language, imagery, and diction have all been presented well in the textbook. These make the book pleasing to the eye hence most preferable to be read at any moment. The arguments presented in this textbook are also clear and concise. The authors have presented their arguments in an easily understandable language with high grammatical skills thus no issues when reading. All the chapters are organized with a proper flow; hence easy to understand all that the textbook tends to present in terms of its argument.


The textbook under consideration provides some head scratching notation in as far as it is concerned. In the first chapter, it presents rhetorical questions that have not answer but needs to be fully explained. The question on civilization definition is asked but not solved in the chapter. The author also asks why the term complex society is used instead of civilization (Bentley et al., 23). It is of great significance for me as the reader. I have to give myself the chance to go ahead and find solutions to these questions. The questions present readers with the task of going outside the scope to try and find answers to them hence the head must be scratched.

Work Cited

Bentley, Jerry H., and Ziegler, Herbert F. Traditions and Encounters: a global perspective on the past. 5th edition. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2011.

November 24, 2023



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