Russia and its culture

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Russians are considered to take pride in having a well-developed culture. The Russians have been portrayed as being a non-individualistic society. Because of the effect on their well-being, the attention of a large percentage of Russians is on establishing ties between them. In Russia, leadership has played a crucial role in deciding the ordinary lives of Russians.

Average Russian life under Tsar Nicholas II and Tsar Stalin

The Tsar and Stalin had their own leadership style that influenced the lives of ordinary Russians differently. The leadership of Stalin and Tsar was characterized by the continued quest to attain industrialization. During the period of these two leaders, Russians were able to engage in activities including manufacture of iron and steel, textile and coal (Bailes). It was an opportunity for people to better their lives. The average life of Russians during the leadership of the two can be portrayed as instrumental in improving the lives of Russians.
Stalin was described as a leader who had repugnant policies. Through his policies, a significant number of Russians lost their lives. Despite his focus on ensuring that Russia matched other colonial powers, all this came at cost to the Russians. He focused on building the economy, which was perceived to bring positive change to the people. In his time, he had vowed to ensure that the Russians catch up with other superpowers in 10 years. Fortunately, it was possible for the country to realize economic growth that would later be reflective of an improvement in the living standards of the people.
Stalin made significant efforts in ensuring that Russia attained economic growth. However, his leadership did not miss oppression. The average Russian lost freedom after Stalin took over power. Specifically, there was the challenge of people being oppressed. For example, they were only allowed to read, listen and see what the state wanted. It is a reflection of the fact that the Russians suffered oppression as the media was also under the control of the State. Specifically, the rule had the introduction of labor camps where those perceived as defiant would be sent. The thought of such mistreatment and harassment would result in deterrence from any actions perceived to be against the state.
Tsar came to leadership under the knowledge that his reign was under threat. However, he was aware of the need to have people have rights and opportunities. Despite intentions of not giving up power, Tsar was open to democracy. During his reign, average Russians were given the opportunity to adopt a new constitution. Further restrictions on speech, press and the labor unions were significantly reduced (Acton). However, he was equally identified as having a ruthless kind of leadership. Particularly, he is known to have assassinated a significant percentage of Russians (Alexander). This was reflected by the increase in strikes in Russia against the leadership of Tsar.


Overall, despite efforts directed toward attainment of economic growth by both the leaders, it is evident that they too had their own share of shortcomings. The average life of Russians was defined by suffering under the leadership of both Tsar and Stalin. It is a confirmation of the lack of adherence to rights and freedoms of the people.

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May 04, 2022

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