Safety and satisfaction in Orthopaedic Units

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The orthopaedic unit at a hospital is significant because it deals with the correction of abnormalities or functional impairments of the skeletal system (Sinatra, Torres and Bustos, 2006). Most patients, particularly those with spine injuries and abnormalities, are in severe agony as a result of poor ligament and tendon alignment (Lee, Hsu and Chang, 2007). Because of the delicate nature of the orthopaedic service, service excellence and patient satisfaction in pain treatment are required. In ensuring delivery of quality service, the level of injury or deformity in the skeletal system is first assessed and analysed to determine the mode of treatment to be followed thereby ensuring that patients receive the right treatment (Meade, Bursell and Ketelsen, 2006).

Quality care of patients in Orthopaedic Units

Importantly, it is worth mentioning that treatment and correction of skeletal injuries and deformities are very delicate. In the instance where care and attention are not followed, the skeletal injury or deformity can worsen to the point of fatality or permanent deformity. As a result, the caregivers and orthopaedics are required to exercise great caution and care to realise service excellence and satisfaction that lead to patients becoming comfortable in the period of recovery (Tea, Ellison and Feghali, 2008). An orthopaedic research study conducted by Gardner, Woollett, Daly and Richardson (2009), indicates that most patients admitted to orthopaedic units suffer great pain emanating from the injuries and deformities to the extent where some have difficulty in movement while others are rendered immobile. As a result, the patients are compelled to rely on caregivers and the health specialist during the treatment period. Therefore, nurses and orthopaedics are required to maintain close monitoring of patients in orthopaedic units. Moreover, close monitoring of patients ensures that further injuries and deformities do not occur.


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May 10, 2023

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