Science and Evolution

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A troubling trend of popular skepticism of science exists in the United States. This can be due to a number of different things. The first is today's society's politicization of science. Politicians like Donald Trump have constantly questioned the veracity of scientific findings on issues like climate change. This has heightened cynicism about scientific knowledge (Gauchat, 2012). The second factor is the nature of scientific experts, who are frequently featured in today's media. Despite their undeniable expertise, a sizable minority of specialists are not trusted by the general public. This is because it is widely assumed that most people have no moral compass and are blinded by their egos. The saturation of media with experts has also been characterized by individuals spreading misinformation and their politically-guided opinions. This has negatively affected their credibility and science has suffered as a result. Third is the increasing number of corporate-funded scientific research that is conducted poorly or is intentionally misleading. The unethical practices in such cases have increased public distrust of science in general.

The argument as to how the human mind came to being has been ongoing for long. I am of the opinion that the mind cannot be simply the result of an evolutionary process. There are a couple of justifications supporting this perspective. First of all, evolution can explain the sophistication of brain cells, but it cannot logically explain how these cells produce consciousness or unique personal experiences. The second argument against the evolutionary perspective entails a very special aspect of human existence- free will. This cannot simply be because of evolution over the years. Rather, it suggests of a larger design that enabled its existence. Third is the fact that physical laws have never been able to explain the mind fully. As such, suggesting that evolution is fully responsible for the human mind would not be completely accurate.

Science is an influential force in my daily life. Things I can do and how I do them all have scientific explanations. Science can explain most of the natural world. It, therefore, helps me gain a better understanding of the world and informs decisions regarding aspects of the natural world. The role of evolution in my daily life is also evident. However, it is more of subtle details. In my opinion, human thinking has evolved significantly over the years, and the more we amass knowledge, the more we contribute to the evolutionary process.


Gauchat, G. (2012). Politicization of science in the public sphere: A study of public trust in the United States, 1974 to 2010. American Sociological Review, 77(2), 167-187.

April 26, 2023



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