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Every business now competes in a global economic context

rather than a local one. This means that competition is no longer limited to local companies in a certain country, but also includes enterprises from other countries. As rivalry for businesses and market share grows, organizations must evaluate additional factors in order to gain the correct kind of competitive advantage. There are numerous ways to accomplish the latter, but one of the most significant criteria is possessing the necessary finances. They differ, however for the sake of this research, we will focus on human resources.

Human resources are adamant for any organization

because it is they who turn strategies and objectives into goals. Furthermore, the human aspect is important because they are the minds behind the business operation such that without them, no business would be able to operate and survive. It is because of this important aspect that the human resource department plays the critical role of employing employees. Employees have the ability to impact the performance of an organization and that is why it is crucial to have the right kind of employees thus the role for recruiting and selecting.

In consideration to the latter, this process usually entails the advertising of job openings

selection, and screening process for the most suitable employee and then hiring them. However, it is easier said than done because when wrongfully applied, it can lead to dire consequences for the organization. The recruitment and selection process is achieved in diverse ways given what the objective of the organization is. However, at the end of it all, it is an important process because it helps organizations choose the kind of employees it wants to bring on bound for competitive advantage.

Literature Review

Most studies that look into the processes of recruitment and selection identify it as an important step that encourages the employment of skilled employees. According to Zaharie & Osoian (2017), it is important that recruitment is done in a manner which leads to the organization having not only skilled but competitive and able employees. This is to mean that as the different organization implements different strategies for their recruitment and selection process, the aim is obviously one, to have the right employees. As mentioned, different organizations take into account different recruitment strategies. For this, Zaharie & Osoian (2017) explains that there is a slight difference as far as small and medium organizations are concerned.

Small organizations look into recruiting their employees through recommendations

a process that implements word of mouth over the capabilities of an employee. It is a cost effective process in that no form of advertising or intensive employee screening needs to be done. Small organizations allow for this because of their resources that can be limited at times. Recommendations often work because the employee's background and capabilities are a known fact by the person recommending them. Therefore, they are most likely to bring competitive advantage to the organization.

In reference to medium organizations, Zaharie & Osoian (2017) explains that they look at the process of getting employees to be crucial for their performance.

That is why they will go through as many selection processes as necessary. The steps give organizations that utilize them the opportunity to engage with candidates thus knowing their attitudes to different things, explore deeper into their education, skills, and experiences and furthermore, learn how the candidate deals with stress and changes. For most organizations, these steps are necessary because they want to end up with not only a skilled but competent and committed employee.

Not only is the kind of recruitment and selection process emphasized on but also the kind of relationship this has on organization performance. Agyei & Christopher (2017) is of the opinion that there is a very high relationship between recruit and organization performance such that it has a direct impact on the latter. This means that when the process is weak, so will the organization process and vice verse. This human resource function impacts on organizational performance because of looking to have the right people.

As an approach to the process, Agyei & Christopher (2017) explains that carrying out interviews is a must have step while recruiting and selecting employees. This is because interviews give a holistic approach to the process in that it allows for the human resource department to tap into the person minus their skills and experience in relation to the job. This brings out the hidden element of what it means to have the right set of people working for an organization. Just as Zaharie & Osoian (2017) puts it, sometimes it is necessary to look at the attitudes that employees have as well as their personality. For most organizations, there will be more than one person working there unless it is a sole proprietorship. For this reason, interviews as a mode of recruiting and selecting give the advantage of analyzing how capable a candidate will be able to adapt to the culture of the organization for added competitive advantage.

From the above, it is a clear indication that recruitment and selection are very important for the success of an organization. Through the interview, it was discovered that it is the goal of organizations to marry employee's characteristics to that of the organization. A strong point that Ahmad & Schroeder (2002) emphasizes on as a way of observing behavior traits that match the goals and culture of any organization. Interviews are an important point to the selection of employees because for the company I interviewed on, they encourage this as the basis of defining if they have selected the right employees. The recruitment and selection process thus added to the growth and development of any organization because it equips it with a very important resource. Therefore, from past studies, it is evident that recruiting employees is not just something organizations do but it is necessary for competitive advantage.


Any organization that is looking to prosper more so in the global market has to have the right kind of employees. These are the kinds that do not only meet the set skills and educational background but those with the right attitude to different work situations. The recruitment and selection process is necessary if the latter is to be achieved. This is because I allow for a number of steps to be followed each with a unique and different objective from the next. By implementing the right kind of steps in getting employees, organizations have the advantage of getting competitive, committed and able employees to work for them. The same measure gives candidates the opportunity to seek for the right kind of job. As Rynes, Brets & Gerhart (1990) explains, recruitment and selection are also important for the candidate seeking employment because they too are in a position to analyze if the organization and position they are applying for suits their objectives. Therefore, in conclusion, the human resource role in recruitment and selection should be carried out in a way that positively meets the demand o f both the organization and candidates for overall growth and development for all.


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June 06, 2023

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