Sexism: bias or discrimination

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Sexism is bias or discrimination against people based on their gender or sex, and it typically affects girls and women. There is a persistent notion that one sex is better and more valued than the other. Sexism provides a clear distinction between what males can and should be able to achieve, and what girls and women can and cannot do. On the other hand, sociology is the in-depth study of the issues related to the art of socializing and the structure, operation, and growth of human society. The act of sexism in today's culture is justified by a number of patterns. There is three type of sociological perspective that tries to explain the art of sociology in the society, and they include the functionalist perspective (symbolic functionalism), the symbolic interactionist perspective (symbolic interactionism) and the conflict perspective. The functionalism perspective refers to every aspect of the structure of a society being interdependent and individually contributes to the community in full dimensions and as a whole. A perfect example is how the government works in that it pays for the education of the children of the families in the society which in turn pay taxes to the government and these taxes paid are used by the government to run the affairs of the state. Functionalists believe that society is built upon a cohesion or consensus in which the people of that particular society agree upon to make the nation a better place for coexistence.

The conflict perspective focuses on the negative aspects of the ever-changing community which to the numerous changes we have realized in the day to day issues of a particular society. Conflict perspective advocate for social change and pose a significant challenge to the status quo and solely believe that the mighty and wealthy people in the community force a social order on the weak and the poor in the society. The third perspective is the symbolic interactionist perspective which deals with the study of symbols in every day people's lives, the specific meaning of those symbols and how people interact in the society (Hatch and Ann, 34).

Sexism is the most common disease that is eating up the modern society where in most cases and many cultures women are believed to be inferior to men. This act of carrying out things has dramatically diminished the position of a woman, in that she cannot participate and be part of the functions and activities believed to be performed by only men. A perfect example is the leadership forum where a lot of women have suffered much in their quest to contest for leadership positions. This extends down the lane to our very own homes, in schools and in job places here we see and experience the same discrimination against women (Collins and Patricia Hill, 67)

It's high time the current society should arise against such norms and demand for a better position of the women in the community. We are on equal grounds probably living in the same organization with the same responsibility of making our societies a better place to live for us and the future generations. We all need the equal opportunities as one great people of society to make it great. The discrimination against women should come to an end we hold hand together as one team and work together with equal rights and measures. Equality brings sanity and understanding in the societal setting.


Collins, Patricia Hill. Black feminist thought: Knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment. Routledge, 2002.

Hatch, Mary Jo, and Ann L. Cunliffe. Organization theory: modern, symbolic and postmodern perspectives. Oxford university press, 2013.

March 23, 2023
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