Shielding Your Assets: A Guide to Effective Security Assessments

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The world today has become a great field of technology and in every organization computer functioning has to be a vital way of operation with its networking. This fact has contributed in every organization an element of risks, starting from financial issues to the issues of the product manufacture.

Recently, a research was done by FBI that proven around 85% of respondents noticed computer security cracks throughout the previous year. The study showed replies from 538 security specialists in different part United States organizations and administration supports. Sixty-four percent experienced monetary losses due to security cracks and 186 respondents report a total decrease of 378 million dollars (Genge & Enăchescu, 2016). With the given study, it shows a need for performing the regular security assessment for it will assist that gap thus enabling the business to take an active posture towards defending their data in computing location. The most important aim is to the protection of the first knowledgeable and automated properties of the business and to safeguard submission through proper protocols.

Basic Security Assessment

The main aim for basic security valuation level is to provide the concern situation a simple knowledge of the security of the organization in areas such as Physical, Administrative plus Methodological Protections. It is meant to seek and find out the likely areas of fault a survey of the facility. Though it is not full study security assessment, it helps in protecting the information. In intense Security Assessment study, there is analyzing of every rules and technique, router access inclines, structures and strategies of Firewall, personal computer and server alignments, the full analysis of Website, thorough postal server investigation. This full security assessment gives an organization a complete understanding of the business measures.

Security Assessment Process

For effective conduct of security assessment that is valuable to a business a procedure, that is proven methodology that is usually monitored so as the evaluators and evaluates are on the similar page. By verified methods of security assessment that provides a design of proceedings from beginning to the end that should be tested, traced and simulated. The security assessments Reviews which are created are used to offer a quick observation of information structure shortages for limited term investigation as well as trending information for long term appraisal (Genge & Enăchescu, 2016). Once the companies know their weaknesses, they find it easy and the best way to protect themselves from the current and the future risks.

The security assessment process includes six phases such as pre-security assessment that involves an assignation letter awards the valuation team the authority, to begin with, the proper procedures of making documentation in backing the security, authorization for the onsite visit and the general ability to conduct the security assessment. It involves both the security assessment team and the company's staff members and the duties each has at times of security assessment process. Security Assessment Field Work involves conducting vulnerable scanning, interview, facilitating walk-thru, physical system checks, document analysis, and staff discussion.

There is also security assessment report analysis and preparation which deals with the vulnerability analysis work as it addresses any untrue positive, the document of any changes and reporting which included in the final report. In this security, assessment helps in increasing knowledge and awareness for making choices and persons in responsible of processes of threats, dangers, and weaknesses inside their places of functioning, as well as making a foundation for their specific arrangement. The foundation, furthermore, establishes and significant source of evidence for citizens and staffs. The security assessment out-brief provide questions that are taken through-out making the process interactive. Finally, post-security assessment process makes sure all documentation, and electronic data about the business are securely filed.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is used to recognize all apparent weaknesses that might be oppressed in a situation as it also assesses physical safety, staffs or organizational structure and security network. The vulnerability assessment aims at recognizing all susceptible in a location as the penetration test has an aim of breaking into the system of the network (Moore et al., 2007). The team of security assessment conducts a security audit through a criteria checklist of things that are supposed to be performed as to allow the business to comply with its security strategy, principles and acceptable duties. The assessment team will also carry-out credentialed scanning accurate and thorough picture of the system which assists in identifying lost spots that leave the machine open to compromise.


The ability to protect a business network takes various methods and should be done effectively. No one control can guarantee that the network is secured. Firewalls are best for deterrence; IDS provides the capability for finding, Security Awareness, in conclusion, provides knowledge for user and Security Assessments help with active posture towards security. Security Assessments also helps verify that you have done "due diligence" in the execution of basic system spots and fixing the well- known difficulties in a situation where security breach effects in financial legal or regulatory problems.


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Moore, David A., et al. "Development of a security vulnerability assessment process for the RAMCAP chemical sector." Journal of hazardous materials 142.3 (2007): 689-694.

September 04, 2023
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