Six Flags over Texas

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The six flags depicted on the flag and on the Texas seals are symbolic. The divisions symbolize the resident states that have taken up residence in Texas (Commission). Each state has a particular age of occupancy, which is organized as follows. First and foremost, the Spanish kingdom had residency. The lion and the arms of Castile distinguish the flag. France held the second position in Texas. The flag was white with many fleurs-de-lys drawn on it (Commission). Around 1863, the Mexican Union occupied the Texas region. The banner depicts a stylised Aztec eagle gripping a serpent while standing on cacti. The Republic of Texas was another occupant of the region. The flag has a single star with two horizontal stripes and one vertical stripe. The Confederate state of America occupied the target region from 1861 to 1863 (Commission). The flag is recognized through the seven stars and three distinct colors. The present flag used in Texas is the United States of America that has a lead for each state under its control and administrations.

The states that had occupancy within Texas carried out activities according to their norms. The behavior trends were reflected in the occupants leading to absorption of their culture within the residents. The phenomenon led to the alteration of the original Texas which can be noted at present times.



The concept relates to the existence of multiple cultures within a region. The residential cultures have the capability of forming relations with new settlers. As a result of this connection, cultural traits are swapped between the groups. The Spanish empire set out to the present day the United States of America in search of land. The purpose behind this activity was for the acquisition of wealth and the expansion of the empire. The relation between the resident Indians and the Spanish led to the following. First of all, each community began exchanging cultural aspects with each other. The naming of locations is noted to be one of the factors that develop as a result of the Spanish occupancy. The first municipal in Texas has a Spanish based origin. In addition to that, physical features such as the Guadalupe Mountains were given names of Spanish origin (Association).

The exchange of cultural items between the communities developed the economic aspect of Texas. Spanish residents introduced English crops in the region (Association). Moreover, irrigation practices were installed in San Antonio. Livestock was introduced into the area as well. The different species of cattle were used during barter trade transactions.

Among the reasons for the exploration by the Spanish, religion was the most emphasized. Missionaries were taken in the voyages leading to a spread of Christianity within the region. The apostles used translators during the description of the word to the native settlers. The translation led to the adoption of Spanish within the language sets in the region. Locals became conversant in Spanish leading to the approval of Spanish in the present day Texas (Association).

With the settlement of foreigners, there needs to be the rule of law. Organization of the explorers required the use of standards. The rules minimized the level of conflict faced by the locals and the settlers. In addition to this, the rules developed the hierarchical aspect of the region. Each division had its level of power which was administrated by the indicated party. The Spanish law used in solving land disputes, judicial procedure, and water law is derived from Spanish governance in the region (Association).


The French did not have much influence over the Texas region. The level of control is because their excursions were based more on economic gain than cultural significance. Moreover, the French were expanding the reach of the church within their regions of influence. The French regime developed the range of the Roman Catholic Church within the area (Burton). The French introduced a different form of commerce within the region. The establishment of the port at the mouth of the Mississippi connected the coast and France. However, the establisher of the expedition failed to consider the geographical orientation of the location leading to the portending on the Texas coast instead (Burton).

In the expansion of the Catholic Church, the missionaries built institutions that are still present to date. The establishment of these schools increased the social aspect of the residents of Texas. In addition to this, the French language spread its region of influence developing the intellectual capacity of the part. The development of Texas increased its appeal in France leading to the increase in settlers who sought new opportunities. The movement of foreign natives increased the multicultural aspect of the present day Texas.


Around 1827, Texas was governed by the Mexican constitution. As a federal republic, each state could develop their rules used in governance. During the Mexican regime, legislative power was given to twelve deputies. The twelve individuals were selected mostly from the Mexican government having two chosen through the popular voting concept from Texas (Cantrell). The legislative council met once a year. Elective power was given to the governor and vice-governor each with a term of four years. After the end of the four-year run, there was a voting session taken up to choose the next leaders.

The Republic of Texas Constitution, 1836

Under the following regime, the following changes were noted. The system of government was broken down into three sections (Cantrell). The parts consisted of the judiciary, executive, and the Legislature. The constitution recognized the use of slavery in the attainment of economic gains. Moreover, they isolated the Native American population and Black Americans. These laws limited access to facilities to the two communities. The segregation led to the development of racial dominance within Texas. The political parties minimized the effect of nonwhite residents in political decisions through the use of economic techniques.

The State Constitution

The State Constitution covered the administration of the state. Judicial positions were made appointive rather than by popular vote. The government was based on the creation of an equal environment for each citizen. Civil war enactments were created to the effect of slavery and offer more opportunities to African American and Native Indian residents.


The settlement of the confederate union within Texas still affects the nature of current polls. There was discrimination against financially struggling whites, blacks, and Latinos. After the civil war, many former Confederate states developed civil war amendments that limited the access of voting rights to black voters. Despite efforts to establish equalization within the United States of America, Texas still restricted access to voting rights to slaves. The inhibition was enacted in the form of poll tax and the white primary (Perales). Poll tax involved the charging or residents during election periods. African Americans during this era were mostly former slaves. The group of individuals did not have the financial capability to participate in elections. White primary entails the restriction of the democratic parties to particular divisions of the population. The act was enacted in Texas law until it was omitted by the Supreme Court. Such measure denied the residents of Texas from having accurate representation in the governments. Texas elections have mostly covered Democratic candidates for a majority of the years it has participated in elections.

I believe that the effect of the Confederate rule is still faced in today’s society. The political leaders involved in the current institution can manipulate the former crude system. The Democrats have developed a system that is tailored to be resistive to change. In addition to this, it allocates power to a chosen few within society. The selective process has led to widespread racial decisions amongst the residents as well. Independent voters are therefore unlikely to favor well in the Texas environment. As a result of these phenomena, the country has failed to achieve an independent form of an election process.


Texas is a state within the United States of America. The region has had multicultural influences that have had different impacts on it. The settlement of many settlers from different countries led to the absorption of economic, religious and political aspects from each. Moreover, the sociological profile of Texas has been altered as a result of each foreign resident. However, the current political environment currently in the region is based on a Confederate approach. There is the exclusion of particular divisions of people within the parties. Prohibition of access means that the election process is tailored to suit a selected individual. Therefore, Texas is described as the compound effect of the locals and the six resident nations that occupied it during different eras.

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May 02, 2023

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