Skill Gap Analysis

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In my MBA program

In my MBA program, I engaged in situation audit of my company through which I learned more about my company. I also did a virtual group project and gained skills concerning how to deal with different types of teams and difficulties associated with working with a team whose members are international and all online. In the beginning, I was able to improve some skills. Nonetheless, during the lessons, I identified some skill gaps that required additional development. This essay seeks to summarize the skill gaps that need further development and the manner through which the development would take place in my MBA program and my career.

Improving on Skills

During the preliminary, I managed to improve some of my skills. However, I identify that several skills need further development. I need to develop more on skills concerning how to formulate a long-term goal. During my MBA program and throughout my career, I need to engage in activities like generating a detailed spreadsheet to monitor, critically analyze, and record my progress in taking action on achieving goals. I also need to read a book regarding how to set realistic goals deeply. I would advance my skills more by attending a workshop that was helpful to me in coming up with a system to remain organized. I would have to stay on track with my daily, short-term and long-term goals concerning life and set a long-term goal in my mind.

Analyzing Power Sources in My Company

I also need to gain more skills on how to analyze the implications for the organization of the power sources implemented by my company's leader. These skills would be improved by exploring my organization's power sources and speaking to the manager in charge to understand what has been achieved and what needs to be enhanced or changed for effective implementation of those power sources. I also require further development on my skills to determine the likely causes of the leading managerial style and discuss the possible outcomes of the particular method for my company's MGVOs. I would develop my new competence by actively engaging in the administrative affairs, seeking employees' insights concerning the dominant managerial style in the organization and reading a book about different management styles and their consequences. Also, I need to improve on how I can identify some evaluations that are likely to give me an effective view into my personality. I would enhance this skill by taking a course that would be offered by my company concerning the means of assessing an individual's personality. I would also read articles and books concerning the assessments implemented on one's personality.


In conclusion, although I managed to improve some skills during the preliminary, more skills need to be developed during my MBA program and my entire career. Such capabilities include the ability to formulate long-term goals, analyze the implications for organizing power source, determination of possible causes of dominant managerial style and possible outcomes, and identification of assessments helpful in own personality. These skills would be developed by learning more about the formulation of long-term careers, seeking for insight from the responsible manager about the power source, learning about leading managerial styles and likely consequences, and reading articles to identify the assessments useful in understanding my personality.

January 19, 2024


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