Social media growth impact on public relations in the 21st century

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Thesis Statement: It is proposed that social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, have had an effect on public relations in the 21st century by strengthening corporate advertising, enhancing corporate media relations, fostering cultural relations, developing partnerships with customers, and improving corporate/customer relations.
What is social media-An Overview
Definition of Social Media
Definition of Public Relations
Common practices in Public Relations
Common forms of social media
Common forms of social media and how they relate with businesses?
How social media relates with business communication?
How social media relates with public relations?
Does the relationship seem positive or negative?
The background issues
When did social media begun influencing business public relations?
When did social media replace the traditional public relations practices?
How have A. the companies been utilizing social media for public relations
i. What are the ways that companies have used social media?
ii. Major statistics related to social media use in public relations
iii. In those ways, how has social media affected their public relation practices?
iv. Has the influence been positive or somewhat negative?
1. My field research to verify the existence of this relationship
A. An explanation how my research was conducted in those reviewed documents
B. Results of research
i. An analysis of the key social media platforms and their role in public relations
ii. Explanation of how Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp have transformed PR.
iii. A detailed analysis of the key aspects that directly influence the PR process
iv. Summary of the crucial aspects and idea discussed.
2. What Critics say about the influence of social media on the practice of public relations?
i. Communication is mostly informal and may not be taken serious.
ii. Social media is sometimes considered a social aspect and not a serious platform
iii. Access to internet is sometimes a challenge for those with limited network coverage
iv. Negative and disheartening feedback from anonymous attackers
v. It is difficult to control interactions to gain a 100% positive outcome
vi. Time-consuming and needs thorough follow-up for feedback
vii. Some companies rarely engage their customer because social media is highly committing in its communication strategy.
3. What Public Relations and Marketing experts say about social media in PR
A. The traditional standards and principles of public relations have been ignored.
B. The use of social media in public relations indicates significant transformations
i. Traditional person-to-person interactions have been minimized
ii. Excess work for the public relations officers has been reduced
iii. Communicating through the social media has increased firm’s publicity
iv. Social media in PR has enhanced company’s media relations
v. Social media in PR has support growth in community relations
vi. Social media has improved and stabilized relations with investors
vii. Social media PR has helped in improving corporate/customer relationships.
4. Other possible impacts of social media on public relations
i. Social media has reduced the traditional paperwork in organizations
ii. Social media PR has proved sufficient in enhancing customer experiences
iii. Social media PR has improved brand and company reputation.
iv. Social media PR has sufficiently attracted the younger generation into firm’s affairs
v. Nowadays, marketing and tracking product performance through social media is easier for the company’s
vi. Social media has advanced how companies communicate with their prospective investors and supports

July 24, 2021


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