Social responsibilities

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A company's social responsibilities are its obligations to the community in which it is located and conducts its operations (Chaudhury, 2012). The social responsibility of a corporation toward its clients, the local community, and the environment is the main topic of this essay.

The company must guarantee customer pleasure from the viewpoint of the customers. To do this, the company must first treat the consumer like a king and then provide them a variety of high-quality products and services at competitive pricing. To avoid consumer exploitation, the corporate entity should accurately notify customers about the product and how it is utilized as soon as possible. They also avoid future consumer injuries through warranties but holding to the rule of “Buyer be ware, and Consumer take care”. The entities are also socially responsible to the environment by ensuring its activities do not affect the environment in a negative way. It should avoid dumping industrial untreated wastes in the environment and control its gas emissions. This helps reduce water and air pollution respectively. The controlled emissions regulate the demands of the ozone layer and greenhouses. Business entities on end are responsible to the community to which operates. They provide social amenities like schools, hospitals and roads. Create employment to the community and participate in community activities like fundraisings. These make the business to work smoothly in a community without confrontations and objection from community members.

Several of leaders view social responsibility differently. Some leaders see it as an opportunity to improve their business and contribute to the society. They consider social responsibility as the core aspect of building their strategies and goals to help them solve business problems. To some leaders, it creates pressure since it involves heavy expenditure from the business accounts. Ethically social responsibility is of advantage to the business at it helps to build a strong business customer relationship, creates a positive business picture to the community, encourage both personal and professional development in the business and improves the value and living standards of a community.


Chaudhury, S. (2012). Corporate governance and sustainability. New Delhi: Discovery Pub. House.

February 22, 2023


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