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Social responsibility is a demand for an individual or an organization to engage in actions that help the society in which they live or in which they conduct business. Michael, an economist and proponent of free markets, had his own take on the matter. Although some of those who are aware of his views may strive to dispute with him at some time, others have fervently embraced his ideas.

He stated that as a CEO, he was not in a position to decide how a corporation's finances would be utilized to aid a society in meeting its goals or standards. According to Milton, only those people who had put in their resources for the functionality of the company had the upper hand in making such decisions. Therefore, executive's purpose had to be aimed towards increasing the company's returns. (Michael 72).

Michael was not against social responsibility. His concern was business managers seeking to implement it while infringing on other people's rights to have the required returns on their investments or the right wage rates and fair prices on goods. According to him, in order for this endeavor to be accomplished, the workers, customers and the owners had to sacrifice a bit of their welfare and earnings which did not augur well with his stand.

Suppose that the company acted in good will and took up social responsibility, what work would be left for the chosen leaders to do? Michael took this as a point of argument and implied that a company needed not to take more than it could chew. He asserted that it was the duty of elected representatives and that the company had no reason to get involved in it. The executive acting on his behalf, the workers or the owners could otherwise engage in such practices if they so wished as they would not be spending any other person's money.

Michael implied that partaking in such activities would only put strain on the company's resources and possibly, the end result would be that it would be left in a position in which it would not be able to compete favorably with its competitors. The head of a company was therefore to work on activities that were at the best interest of the corporation and not of the society.

In summary, michael's view was that social responsibility was supposed to be left in the hands of chosen officials in addition to whoever or whichever body that was in a position or was under authorization to spend money on that course.

Q7. Loyalty is the feeling of being dedicated or having a lot of faith towards a course, a person or an entity. As employees, we owe it to our employers to be loyal to our work because of certain reasons. Some but a few of them, is that having been entrusted with jobs which entail performing certain functions, it would be highly appropriate to maintain a very high degree of professionalism in order to help steer the business into meeting its goals. Failure to adhere to this may cause repercussions both for the employee and the business.

A business' success depends a lot on customer satisfaction and the employees hold the key to that. Our utmost loyalty to our work drives us to provide exceptional services to our customers. Due to that, they find it worthy to keep seeking for more services from time to time. The customer base grows tremendously with time ensuring that the business does not endure tough times looking for clients. As a result, more profits are realized. (Michael 76).

Into the bargain, employee loyalty is beneficial in as far as building a business' outlook is concerned. This may satisfactorily work in the interest of the business in as much as it may aid efforts of obtaining more investors for the business. On occurrence, opportunities for the business to take on new deals and projects is presented. Ultimately, scoring a competitive advantage to other similar enterprises.

Workers are obliged to safeguard the business' ideas and strategies. Confidentiality is important because it helps to keep the business' highly appraised ideas and plans from reaching into the wrong hands. A breach of confidentiality may cost the business a lot in terms of profits, in the event that their plans are implemented by another party. Loyalty among employees conceives a team of workers which is equipped with common priorities and with that, a team spirited working culture is born. Up holding this is very fundamental for a healthy and growing enterprise to be realized. Contrary behavior would be bedazzling to their employers and other interested parties and would certainly not be good for the establishment.

Q12 Just war theory provides reasons why wars are fought and how they are carried out. Wars have been a part of the world's history since the advent of humanity and as such, they have come to be accepted as part of human existence. Due to their expertise, engineers have been entrusted to carry out tasks entailing; creation of ammunition and other material needed in warfare. However, this theory requires that they uphold certain principles. (Michael 78)

This professional body is obligated to keep in check, the welfare of people. For this reason, it is held accountable to ensure that weapons produced are used appropriately in order to avoid any future repercussions. Social concerns should be important to the engineers hence; they should be prioritized. They should aim at ameliorating people's lives rather than causing destruction. (Michael 81).

Engineers should seek employment cautiously, purposely to avoid compromising good utilization of their skills. They should help and focus on reducing conflicts and their causes, in other words promoting peaceful coexistence. (Michael 82). Selling of weapons to unauthorized personnel should be avoided.

In conclusion, engineers should be keen in as far as weapon production is concerned so as to prevent any future possible events of people or their property being affected. It is no secret to every sensible person that the aftermath of war is usually devastating. It precedes calamity, destruction, mortality and symbolizes absence of humanity. This theory takes into concern the ways in which wars are carried out. For that reason, engineers as contributors to the creation of weapons and other ammunition, should follow the principles of this theory amicably and morally.

Work Cited

Davis, Michael. Engineering Ethics. Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2005. Print.

May 17, 2023


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