About Legality, Morality, Social Responsibility and Ethics

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There is a distinction between legality, morals, social obligation, and ethics, but the four ideas are extracted from a common agenda of peaceful coexistence among people in society and between people and the government. This piece of study would assess the distinctions in these four principles and how they can be used in various ways in people's lives.

A covenant, act, or convention that is consistent with the governing principles or the status of something being lawful or unconstitutional in a given authority is described as legality. Legal principles are rulings in a country and are set by the government through the parliament (Lenoir, 2016). In business, legality is described as an understood assurance that is, agreement, act, or bond that firmly observes to the rulings of a particular jurisdiction. For instance, in insurance agreements, it is anticipated that all risks and uncertainties covered under the insurance program are legal schemes which assure person under the contract cover receive remuneration in case the risks and uncertainties occur.


Morality can be defined as the human endeavor to describe what is right or wrong about a person’s actions and opinions, and what is upright or immoral about a person (Lenoir, 2016). It is not an easy task to come up with a clear assessment of what is wrong or right in the society, because rights and wrongs differ from one individual to another (Lenoir, 2016). Therefore, philosophers from all over the world have been attempting to come up with an analysis of what is right or wrong for a person over the years, but they have not succeeded merely because this assessment needs support and honesty from people. This has not been possible because people are not supportive and honest in giving out information about what is noble or immoral to them.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility can be defined as a principled outline, and it recommends that an entity, be it a business or a person, has a responsibility to act for the benefit of the community as a whole (Reamer, 2013). It is a duty of each individual in the society to sustain a balance between the economy and the environment; therefore, social responsibility means maintaining an equilibrium between the two (Reamer, 2013). This obligation can be executed either by evading from engaging in destructive societal acts, or by engaging in activities that openly advance communal goals. Corporations can apply social responsibility in their businesses by implementing decisions that force the government agencies to reduce their influence on the firm (Reamer, 2013). Therefore, companies should incorporate objectives that aim at assisting members of the society, so as to gain a good reputation and avoid problems with the government.


Ethics is defined as a scheme of moral values that affect how individuals make decisions and how they lead their lives. Its main concern is what is upright for people and the society as a whole, so that people can live in harmony in a peaceful society. Ethics covers concepts on how people can live a healthy life, their responsibilities and rights, their moral and immoral behavior, and their morals decisions (Reamer, 2013). Three theories have been used by philosophers to explain morality; meta-ethics which looks at the roots and meaning of moral values, normative principles, which main concern is honest choice, and applied ethics which describes the debated topics such as animal rights (Reamer, 2013).


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December 15, 2022


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