Socialization Explained

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Socialization and its Impact on Children's Moral Development

Socialization is the interaction that occurs between children and other members of society, as well as vice versa, in a setup that includes microsystems, macrosystems, and mesosystem linkages. It is important to emphasize that socialization focuses on the influence adults have on children's moral development. As a result, it is necessary to state that biological, interaction, and sociocultural elements all have an impact on the socialization process. Regarding the dynamic character of the social process, it should vary as a child progresses from one stage to the next (Berns, 2012). Socialization, on the other hand, has a reciprocal aspect because it considers the input of children to the process's outcomes. Children who fail to have healthy primary relations will likely experience behavioral problems later and, in particular, those associated with social complexities. The main reason for this is because the progression into childhood involved a shift from behavioral and emotional regulations into some other internally-induced mechanisms. The caregivers are responsible for training children in body language, explanations, facial expressions, and verbal instructions (Berns, 2012). Therefore, they give the children cognitive capability which assists them in relating to real-life experiences quickly.

Strategies for Instilling Healthy Relationship Skills

As a psychological professional, instilling the ability of children to develop healthy relationship skills requires one to adopt strategies surrounding instruction, reasoning, and setting standards to assist in determining outcomes. Regarding the instruction-related strategies, the child will have adequate information when it comes to realizing a useful socializing mechanism (Berea, 2015). On the other hand, the strategy associated with setting standards makes the child aware of what others expect of them in the socialization process. Lastly, reasoning goes hand in hand with an emotional reaction in creating a healthy relationship.


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April 19, 2023

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