Soldiers and war

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Soldiers carry a variety of emotional and psychological items, including love letters and photographs of Martha taken by Lieutenant Cross. The notes provided Cross with hope and optimism. Kioa was carrying a New Testament Bible, which served as a source of strength and comfort from God. Henry Dobbins, on the other hand, wore his girlfriend's pantyhose around his neck to console him when he was lonely. Rat Kiley also has a comic book filled of amusing stories, which he generally reads in his spare time. The book diverts his thoughts into the comic realm while also briefly allowing him to forget the violent and unpleasant experiences he has had on the battlefield. About these ""things,"" one is inevitably left wondering how the Bible, a spiritual book, is used on the battlefield. An element of surprise will naturally crop up as to why a soldier, who swore to kill, is devoted to the use of the bible. This scenario presents conflicting theories of war and dedication to peace, an idea which is proposed in the bible but rejected in battlefields.


The war exposes soldiers through emotional and physical torture especially during instances of brutal deaths of their colleagues. When Ted Lavender is shot unexpectedly, the whole force including Lieutenant Cross goes through emotional distress. He always blames himself for his death, and this feeling continues to torture until he resolves to give up on matters love. On the same note, soldiers carry heavy loads over long distances, accompanied by unbearable weather conditions and also negative stereotypes from the locals which affect their overall role as soldiers.

May 17, 2023

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