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Physical punishment in schools in the United States harms the interaction between children and instructors by making youngsters scared and less inclined to openly express their feelings and issues. Children's mental and emotional development may be badly damaged, and as a result, they will remain stressed, do poorly academically, and may struggle to demonstrate the positive behaviors expected of them (Durrant & Ensom, 2012). Therefore, caning or flogging is not an effective alternative to change the child's unwanted behavior as with time some of them end up becoming aggressive and strike out at the classmates which increase chances of using violence as a strategy to solve problems. Hence, the need to come up with a viable solution which is safe, efficient and practical that can not harm them emotionally or physically.

The best possible solution includes adopting guidance and counseling programs and services that will promote the personal, educational, social and academic performance and development of children in the United States schools. Through counseling, children can know where they are going and what they need to do to achieve success in the academic performance and equip them with ethical ways to deal with the social challenges. It allows one to make appropriate decisions in advance on the acceptable behaviors and achievement of a healthy child growth and development. Guidance enables a child learns to verbalize the feelings and thus the schools will be in a better position to increase the tension regulation, encourage thoughtful decision making and self-awareness. They play a significant role in the prevention of educational, social, mental and emotional problems in schools.

It is a useful alternative as it allows an adult to listen attentively to the children while identifying the reasons for doing or failing to do something. It helps in preparing ahead for the difficult situations through giving straightforward and clear instructions and directions in a statement form and not in a questioning voice which can cause emotional harm. Guidance and counseling facilitate efficient communication between a child, parent, and teacher who share views and opinions on appropriate disciplinary actions. It has several advantages which are explained in detail below.

Firstly, guidance and counseling provides the psychological advice as well as maintaining discipline within schools through assessment of emotional as well as the disruptive behavior of children (Carey & Martin, 2015). Through these services and programs, it becomes easier to shape the behavior desirabl mannery. A child becomes aware of the real expectations and how they contribute towards a successful future. Henceforth, one is prepared for challenges in future that can increase the indiscipline cases among children or students within the states of America which have not illegalized the corporal punishment. By giving children solutions on dealing with the psychological problems, they are capable of developing problem-solving skills that can improve their attitude when they face issues that can motivate them to portray a redundant behavior in the learning institutions. They can share some ideas which may be harmful in life such as drug or substance abuse that causes most of the young teenagers to drop out of school and engage in unlawful activities to get money to facilitate the addictive behavior (Carey & Martin, 2015).

Secondly, through guidance and counseling, there is an enhancement in accountability accompanied with continued improvement via the annual review of the student's progress. Guided and counseled children will always try their best to do what is morally accepted within the school and even when they are at home. It is achievable through the application of strategies that help in dealing with the emotional conflicts together with the problems that may arise between them and the adults who would wish to instill discipline onto them in a proper way (Schlossberg et al., 2001). Through the comprehensive advice given by the guides and counselors, it is easy to create a harmonized environment within the school community. It is achievable via bridging the gap between the school administration and students who are left to make their informed decisions in the real life situation.

Thirdly, guidance and counseling enhance the personal development through fostering activities that improve identity and awareness, development of talents together with potentials and contribution towards the realization of the personal dreams as well as aspirations. Therefore, children who have set goals that they want to achieve will remain disciplined and overcome behaviors that may deter them from becoming successful in the future (Brigman & Campbel, 2003). Henceforth, they will engage in broadening their knowledge regarding this technologically advancing world that requires people who have set targets they seek to achieve. As opposed to the corporal punishment which may lead to abusive character and violent behavior among peers, the guidance and counseling programs and services increases cooperative and collaborative interactions that result in morally upright youths. Furthermore, the teachers are capable of providing interdisciplinary team effort in addressing the students’ educational goals and needs.

Conclusively, corporal punishment is not a better option towards instilling discipline in various schools with the United State. Therefore, adopting different guidance and counseling services and programs within the learning institutions is the best solution to make sure that children and students are equipped with the knowledge and skills that can assist remain morally upright. It becomes easier to establish an encouraging environment where each knows what is right and wrong and fully understands the negative consequences of behaving in a manner not accepted by schools. The solution enhances the provision of psychological advice to avoid the emotional or physical harm that can result from the corporal punishment, increased accountability for every decision made or action and efficient personal development.


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May 24, 2023

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