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(Heerden, 2010)'s presentation focuses on the deteriorating working practices that occur in the global business environment. This is focused on considerations relating to various sectors such as cooking, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, both of which have been seen to degrade the integrity of their employees. According to (Heerden, 2010), the issue stems from the deregulation of legislation at the cost of expanded commerce, which begins at the local level and is effectively implemented at the national and international levels of trade control. This has consequently created an avenue where manufacturers and consumers exhibit the use of products that have gone through an unethical supply chain that has resulted from the use of outsourcing that has no jurisdiction laws that govern the international supply chain.

(Heerden, 2010) further indicates that the lack of international laws and systems has been a result of different governments being unable to take responsibility and thus, the situation can only be resolved through the application and use of a safe space that employs the use of trust and verification to ensure that companies adhere to the set standards. Where companies fail to adhere to the set systems, it is imperative that fines be focused towards contract nullification and not monetary fines. This is because most multinationals operate towards profit realizations and would rather pay fines than adhere. As such by applying contract based fines, international companies that break set laws will have a huge effect on their profitability. As such, based on trust as well as verification systems, it is possible for local workers to work for multinationals that brand themselves as avenues where workers are treated with dignity (Heerden, 2010).

In considering the above it is essential to consider the “procedures, content, purpose, compliance, inherentness, sanctions and conventions” (Focarelli, 2012) that law is based on. As such, Heerden’s (2010) proposal is a plausible solution given the legality of contracts that are being enforced therein. As such the existence of plausible deniability by multinational leadership organs to feign knowledge and henceforth the responsibility that aligns to dignity at the workplace will be minimized. This plausibility is pegged on (Focarelli, 2012) in that the systems have created the elements of procedures that have to be followed as well as the content that contracts have to contain. In addition, the purpose of the system is clearly defined within the mandate to ensure that the multinationals ensure ethnic and moral laws are met within their international supply chains.

In adding to the above, by acknowledging the inherent existence of the relationships in any given supply chain, the sanctions and conventions that are being placed on contracts also add on to the plausibility of the proposal. This, in essence, allows for the systems to have a legal binding on parties involved within a contract since they have to adhere to clauses held therein. By creating an environment to conduct business that is founded on legal documents, ensuring that the operations of any multinational are ascertained within the content and purpose of any given corrective legal subsystems, it is expected that multinationals will conduct their business in a moral and ethical manner. Hence, the (Heerden, 2010) presentation will indeed lead to global business accepting responsibility for functions that exist as a result of outsourced services or the acquiring of raw materials that are essential to all global economies.


Focarelli, C. (2012). International Law as Social Construct: The Struggle for Global Justice. Oxford, United Kingdom: OUP Oxford.

Heerden, A. v. (2010, July). Making global labor fair. Retrieved from Ted Talks:

November 17, 2022


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