The Role of the International Criminal Court in Maintaining Peace in the World

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The International Criminal Court (ICC)

The three essays talk about one institution, the international criminal court (ICC). The court is backed by Roman statute that establishes the basis of operation for trials to take place. All the three essays are focused on the history, functions, and progress of the institution in serving justice. When reading the essays, it is clear that the second and the third essays are more interesting than the first essay.

Language Choice and Complexity

This is because of a number of reasons such as the choice of language in the essay. In the first essay, the writer opts to use a number of legal terms that make it less interesting. The legal terms are hard to comprehend and the reader is made to focus more on the words and what they imply rather than the institution they are talking about. The second and the third essays have a lesser complex level of language that is easy to comprehend thus one can enjoy the essays.

Common Points and Differences

All the essays have some similarities in that they all contain some information on the formation of the ICC. They also contain information on the functions of the ICC and the jurisdiction and basis for trial to occur. The essays also have a similarity in that they all have a common point in the institution they all talk about. They, however, do have some differences such as the choice of language as previously mentioned. The first essay talks about the rationale behind the formation of the institution. The second essay gives further information on the composition of the institution while the third essay talks about the cases that have been handled by the case since its inception.

Importance of the ICC

All the essays provide important information about the institution and its role in maintaining peace in the world. The fact that the ICC was formed to ensure that mass atrocities are prevented shows how useful the organization is in ensuring there is peace in the world.

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