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Some Like It Hot is a frantic farce about a cross-dressing couple on the run from a gang of mobsters. This witty comedy also has a personal message. Here are some of its stars. Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe, and George Raft. Read on to discover the best of this classic comedy. But before we look at its most notable characters, let's take a moment to discuss its themes.

Billy Wilder's comedy

If you enjoy dark and cynical comedies, then you may be interested in Billy Wilder's comedy Some Like It Hot. Despite its cynicism, this film is also surprisingly warm, despite its bleak subject matter. This film shows us how a flawed anti-hero can be viewed as someone whom we can respect and sympathise with. It's a wonderful example of artifice in action, and you may find yourself watching it again.

Jack Lemmon

In the movie "Some Like It Hot," saxophone player Joe disguises himself as two women in order to join an all-female jazz ensemble. He pretends to be a millionaire in order to win the singer Sugar, and then ends up being pursued by the real millionaire Joe E. Brown. Meanwhile, mobsters close in on the sexy singer, Sugar.

Marilyn Monroe

In the movie Marilyn Monroe likes it hot, a saxophonist pretends to be a woman so he can join an all-female jazz band. Joe and his girlfriend Jerry disguise themselves as millionaires in order to win the prized Sugar, and soon they find themselves being chased by the real millionaire, Joe E. Brown. Meanwhile, mobsters are closing in on the sexy singer.

George Raft

In 1941, Raft was cast in three films: The Sea Wolf, The Maltese Falcon, and High Sierra, but was not offered the lead role. Perhaps this was because the roles were not the leading types. As a result, the films were a flop. In South of Suez, Raft was replaced by George Brent. As for the other roles, Raft continued to make films, and his legacy lives on.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

On February 14, 1929, seven people were killed in a Chicago mob hit, and a new biographer has uncovered some new information. The motive behind the attack remains unknown, though most suspect Al Capone. Nevertheless, the event lives on in popular culture and a number of movies. While it's easy to forget, the murders are important reminders of the dark side of American history. To learn more about this historical event, read the full biography below.

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