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The short but highly motivational video "How We Live Before We Die" is excellent. It is entirely up to us how we choose to spend the years between birth and death, but we must always remember that death is the ultimate decision. Steve Jobs lays forth three fundamental rules for taking charge of your life. The three guiding concepts are understanding death is inevitable, connecting the dots, and refusing to settle (Force, 2017).

As Steve points out, it's crucial to understand our greatest passions when deciding on our job routes. Working on a project we genuinely enjoy and seeing it flourish will be simple. Work is something that will take most of our time; therefore it should be something that one looks forward to doing the following day. Steve Jobs got a wakeup call when he got fired from a company that was his to begin with. He is optimistic about the situation and takes it as a new opportunity to start over (Katie, 2017). .

According to Madaan, (2015), having in mind that death is something we cannot avoid, Steve advocates for one to live each day to the fullest. At our age we see death as something that is theoretical and not practical. We see it as something that is invincible. It is something experienced by the old. Steve’s point is that we should see death in a different aspect. The fears that we may have in our lives such as failure or rather the fear of failure may resemble death. Once we deal with these anxieties, achieving anything in the world becomes possible as our point of view changes. This is when we start doing what we enjoy as our time is limited.

We all need to follow the message gotten from the Whole Earth Catalog that if decide to stay hungry then we are foolish. We need to have that hunger in order to pursue our dreams and not be comfortable with the type of life that the society has set. The freedom one gets with staying foolish is that one can have dreams without really caring what other people my say or think. After all it the life we want to live before we die.

Comment 1

The choices we make today affect our future. They may not affect us at that very moment though as we make then we hope that it will turn out for the better. It is easy for one to look back and see the mistakes one has done. Though Steve Job outlines the fact that is better to create your own path with your own mistakes than wasting your time doing what everybody else does. In today’s world we are expected to go through high school then go to college and pursue a course that at times it may not be of our interest (2Connect, 2017).

Comment 2

It is not certain if all of us will be as successful as Steve job is, it is quite clear that he followed his instincts and for him the gamble paid off. Skrhak (2017) shows concern by stating that, “Could it be taken to be coincidence that he dropped out of college and took a calligraphy class that drove him to the design in his software?” This may not be the case but he definitely did lay the foundation for his success in the future. We need to do what we enjoy as well as count on our intuition that at the end it will pay off.

Comment 3

Considering that work is something we will do for the most days of our lives it needs to be something we are passionate about. As Steve puts it, we may start off with enthusiasm but in the course of time the passion will die off as one get over loaded with responsibilities (Skrhak, 2017). The success of his two companies Next as well as Apple was due to the fact that he was passionate about he did. Even though he got fired from Apple, he still started over on what he was passionate about. The success of his new company Next is what has seen him back at apple as a merge.

Comment 4

Failure should be seen to be a new opportunity for one to restructure themselves and start doing what they love with a new set of energy. If we are free from the regime where businesses are of a given structure, we can definitely be more creative and more open minded in terms of new ideas that we once overlooked (, 2011). If we are passionate on what we are doing we can easily get on our feet therefore we should not just settle for anything but rather be ready to face the challenges just as Steve Jobs did.

Comment 5

The outlook on death that Steve has is very interesting as the philosophy he has on death is came before he even suffered from pancreatic cancer. Though there are so many other things that we may face that may render as dead such as failure. Thus, we need to be courageous and have faith when we pursue what we are passionate about. Though physical death should act as driving force to do what we enjoy so that we may live a life in which we are contented. Being satisfied with what we do makes us be successful just as Steve is contented with what he has accomplished.


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