Strategies for Writing Messages on Mobile Devices

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Human interaction depends heavily on communication

The qualities improve a number of facets of personal and professional lives. To effectively impart the desired consequences, it is crucial to understand the various methods of sending messages over mobile devices.

Utilizing linear flows

A linear organization of the delivered message based on key points enables the reader to quickly scan the signal. Some mobile devices have limited screen possibilities because of their sizes, which results in small-font writing sometimes (Rambe & Bere, 2013, p. 550). It must be aligned in order for the reader to rapidly read the message.

Prioritization of information:

Since mobile devices are small in size, it means that one has to be innovative in ensuring that messages are passed efficiently. Thus, putting the most important information first and putting fodder later is best practice to enable a single glance by the reader get the theme and data transmitted. The use of an inverted pyramid allows for the application of this technique starting with the most desired information to the less desired one in a message.

Precise and focused messaging:

The use of lengthy messages puts off the recipient. As such, it is wise to have the news in the device as short as possible and focused on the specific point one needs to pass across. It is more of an executive summary of what the whole write up would have been in ordinary text, thus, enhancing quick comprehension.

Shorter subject lines and headings:

Due to the inability of mobile devices to provide lots of spaces for writing, the limited characters available do not give room for lengthy headlines. To be able to fit headlines and subjects in the assigned areas, the same has to be as short as possible but without losing meaning.

Short paragraphing:

Structuring of messages needs to be in discrete blocks of information giving way for sectioning (Hutchison et al., 2012, p. 18). However, for messaging shortening paragraphs is less intimidating to readers and enables them to take frequent rests amid their reading thus allowing them to efficiently comprehend the message.


Mobile device communication is a vital part of the transmission that enhances human interaction. The composition of messages relayed through these devices is paramount in ensuring the desired information is reaches the recipient. Thus, various techniques have to be incorporated, and these include; use of linear flows, prioritisation of information, focused messaging, the short subject line as well as quick paragraphing.



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March 02, 2023

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