Stress Coping

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Because of the existence of environmental variables that induce this disorder, stress has been normalized in life. The human body responds to stress either positively by raising alertness or negatively by producing excreta of stress, exhaustion, restlessness. If the victim's diseases are not treated early and effectively, stress may pose a risk of worsening (Robertson, 2012). A worse stress effect makes a person indulge in substance addiction such as alcohol and tobacco in an effort to arrest the situation that escalates the situation to the contrary. Stress can also be avoided if an individual identifies causes of their stress and learn to resist or prevent them. Example; if a friend is the cause of your stress, learn to avoid their company or end the relationship because it does not add value to your life. Also planning schedules can be of great assistance to manage stress by prioritizing the urgent critical matters and allocating adequate time to them. This paper presents the approaches that I employed during the school quarter to cope with stress. The methods helped to ease pressure on the rest of the schedule.

Approaches that I employed to cope with Stress


Art therapy is one effective method to deal with stress and having fun at the same time. I employed the approach of drawing to manage the stress during the current school quarter. The drawing activity utilizes the right side of the brain as opposed to stress which happens on the left side. Drawing engages the brain's creative side, therefore, relieving one's stress-causing thoughts. Consequently, an individual gains self-esteem and regains their focus and energy. The victim can decide to design a card to the cause of their stress. The approach will help the victim feel better because they got an avenue to relay their feelings and emotions. Words and drawing will express their emotional state thereby freeing them from mental pressure.

I also employed drawing approach as a way to cope with stress during this school quarter. This exercise is important because it frees and expresses a person's inner feeling through drawings. The victim resorts to blindly drawing objects which technically are related to their feelings and reactions to stress. Therefore, drawing significantly helped me to manage stress.

Hiking and other Physical exercises

Exercise is arguably among the most effective stress antidotes. Stress impact on the body to cause fatigue and restlessness among other symptoms which is reversed by exercise that keeps the body alert and energetic. Since the body and the brain are connected, a change in either of them impacts on the other's functionality (Schultz, 2010). It activates and ensures the normal functioning of all the body parts, an aspect that promotes the healthy functioning of the entire body. Therefore, the benefits of appropriate exercise translate into a more robust mental state. I embraced exercise, and they significantly help me overcome the stress during the quarter.

One of the significant exercise approaches that I utilized as a way to manage stress was hiking. Hiking is a form of exercise whereby the participants travel to thrilling and exciting sites to have fun and interact with nature. Hiking can effectively relieve stress through relaxation of the mind. This interaction with nature also provides a perfect time for an individual to break the monopoly of everyday stress and have time for themselves. After this adventure, a person can develop resilience to stress management capacity.

Also, hiking subjects an individual to aerobic exercise which helps to regulate bodily chemicals. Frequent hiking develops a person’s capacity to manage stress due to the increased levels of endorphins and noradrenaline which counters stress (Schultz, 2010). Notably, hiking exercise should be well prepared with adequate drinking water, first aid kit and other necessitates otherwise the whole exercise will be in vain.

Additionally, I applied Yoga exercise to manage stress during the season. Yoga exercises have a significant impact that relaxes the body. Symptoms of stress like fatigue and restlessness are effectively dealt with this form of exercise. Consequently, the mind re-freshens and one can think positively. Therefore, the exercise was an excellent approach to manage the stress.

Having fun with Family and Husband

Having fun with the family provides a perfect opportunity to switch your thoughts from all forms of stresses. An individual frees his or her mind from worries enjoying every moment with their family. It also imparts an individual’s mental state with positivity which gives thereby easing their psychological pressure. I made fun with my husband, through playing games, talking, singing and many other types of fun. Therefore, making fun of my husband and the entire family had a great contribution towards my stress-free life.

Video gaming

I also embraced video gaming approach to cope with stress. A video game is a fun activity that engages the brain and cognitive function of a person. Various aspects of this fun game relieve stress (Reinecke, 2009). Firstly, engaging friends in playing games will give the needed company and exciting moments together thus eliminating stress-triggers like loneliness. The mind is engaged in exciting activities leaving no room for stress-triggering thoughts. Video games can also provide effective therapy to an individual by sustaining them through frustrations courtesy of a developed mental skills and capacity to handle stress. Especially non-violent games will do much good to relieve stress.


In conclusion, I employed various approaches that helped me cope with stress during the school quarter. The primary methods that I used include drawing, physical exercise, making fun of the family and the video gaming among many others. Therefore, each approach had an impact towards my stress-free life.


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July 24, 2021

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