Substance and Child Abuse Research Essay

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The danger of alcoholism to infants is real.

Children's lives are significantly impacted negatively by alcoholism. They run the danger of developing underdeveloped brains, distorted vision, hearing, and coordination, to name just a few negative effects. Alcoholism is a widespread issue, particularly in developed nations. Essau (2017) claims that the 2014 MTF survey included 41,600 students in secondary institutions in various parts of the United States who are in the twelfth, tenth, and eighth grades. According to the research, alcohol use was, respectively, 27 percent, 49 percent, and 66 percent for students in grades 10, 8, and 12. The level of alcohol consumption within the past 30 days as an index of consistent use, was 37 percent, 24 percent and 9 percent of these age groups. Hence the use of alcohol was shown to be considerable, mainly in later adolescence.

Affected Parties

Adolescents and young people are the largest groups affected by the use of alcoholism. Addiction in adolescents and youth have an enormous negative impact on these sets of groups. The majority of these groups don't finish their secondary levels and these lead to crime and increase of diseases which are brought up by alcoholism. According to Dowdall, (2013) children who start to drink before the age of twelve often share some similarities in their personalities that make them more likely to continue drinking in the future. Young people who are aggressive or hyperactive often referred as anti-social are the greatest casualties of alcoholism.

Alcoholism theories

Some theories have been proposed over the years. According to Donald (2014), one of the theories is behavior theory. It suggests that the tendency is behavior theory, it suggests that the trend of the body maintains many of its internal physiological processes at certain levels. The pattern of the body to keep this balance has been recognized as the basis for primary behaviors such as drinking. Their special receptors in the brain known as hypothalamus thought to monitor the level of water in one's body and signal the body to seek them when they fall below the allowed level. Another theory that is related to alcoholism is genetotrophic notion. The theory explains that alcoholism is the result of a metabolic defect that causes the need for certain substances. Ingestion of alcohol, which has a caloric element it's thought to increase the urge to drink alcohol.

Alcoholism hasn't changed over the last decade.

Alcoholism has been a menace to the society over the last ten years. The community has faced a myriad of challenges all relating to alcohol. The level of crime has increased over the last decade related to alcoholism. Many crimes are proper gated when people are drunk, and some of the diseases are contracted when people consume alcohol. Alcohol is associated with many chronic diseases, which have been on the rise. The effect of these is, a lot of money has gone to the health sector, and this consumes a lot of resources. According to Hanson, Venturelli, & Fleckenstein, (2018) use alcohol causes approximately 14 million cases of alcoholism dependence at any give time, its effects are related to more than 100,000 deaths each year in the United States, and it cost the society about $250 billion annually.

Credibility of the Research

Alcoholism has been detrimental in the United States. According to Huff, Kline, & Peterson, (2015) youth between the age of twelve and seventeen have been reported to use alcohol and recorded a 7 percent. Similar to ethnic groups, young adults aged between eighteen years to twenty-five years show the highest rate of alcohol consumption, spree drinking. 52% were reported to drink at least once in the past month. According to Thielking & Terjesen, (2017) indicated that 33% of 16 to 17 years old reported drinking alcohol in a week before the survey. In 2011, 16% of 16 to 17 years old students reported spree drinking.

Solution to alcoholism

Alcoholism being a menace to the society need solutions to mitigate problems that are faced. Legislators should come up with laws prohibiting the selling of alcohol to particular groups. The government should prohibit the advertisement of alcohol brand at certain times of the day, to avoid underage children watching that kind of adverts. The governments can move up with stringent policies to regulate alcohol; such systems can add tax to alcohol and the product expensive. This will deter many people, especially the children and the young people. The government can raise the legal drinking age. If, the age is 21 the government can increase to 24 or so. Advice parents to stop taking alcohol in the presence of their children this could have a positive impact on their children.

In conclusion, alcoholism has a detrimental effect on our kids.

It's evident that his a negative impact on our society values. As discussed, the government and the society as a whole should join to fight the menace.


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July 15, 2023

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