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The world is full of distinctive people with various perspectives and opinions involving various things. Every time anyone is asked about their dream in life, they regularly say that they want to be successful in life. But what do they mean through success? At what point can an individual claim that they are successful? After moments of thinking of it is clear that there is no straightforward answer to the question, mainly due to the fact everyone’s version of success is different. If somebody has a lot of lands, numerous houses, and sizeable financial balances, does it mean that they are successful? Is another character with an adoring family but no large financial institution account, unsuccessful? Success is the accomplishment of expectation and achievement of something endeavored, or as some might say, the attainment of wealth, power, fame, impressive accomplishment and influence.

The first definition involves the fulfillment of our objectives and plans. It claims that once one has achieved these set goals, there that is a success. As long as something goes as planned and one meets their goals, no matter how short term, then there is success. If an individual solves a puzzle that he/she wanted to, then they have succeeded. Even the completion of such short term goals results in success. Completing a school project, getting an A, anything one endeavors to achieve and accomplishes is success. A person's life is usually brimming with numerous little successes ranging from fixing a leaking pipe to graduating and becoming the CEO of a noteworthy organization. Success can come in any form and size. When trying to achieve a remarkable objective in life, people often simply shoot for the primary goal; instead, they should accomplish the seemingly insignificant things first and thus slowly build towards the overall objective. Achieving our goals is being successful, and therefore, success is an accomplishment, not something that is given. Being successful in life requires hard work and determination, constantly reaching set goals and targets. It is something that not everybody can say in regards to themselves so to genuinely be successful separates one from the feeble and it is an achievement that not everybody gets the chance to feel; it is a special feeling to be successful.

The second definition of success is based on worldly things which are not that vital in life but are still a requirement for survival. Society today connects success with these material things. If an individual is powerful, wealthy, and renowned, then the general assumption is that they are successful. It is shameful to admit yet these are our pointers of success more often than not. At times, the craving for these directs people to strive to acquire them by hook or crook. As much as they can be an inspiration to endeavor harder, they should not blind individuals. We require them; however, they should not be the chains of slavery. A significant portion of the most fulfilling and enduring forms of success have nothing do with procuring influence, riches, or acclaim. It is wrong to believe that these, and only these define success. Having money is great, of course, yet is cash the primary wellspring of success? Obviously not! A successful life does not mean only being wealthy and celebrated, but instead being content with the choices that one has made in their life. Prominent individuals have lots of cash, huge houses, and expensive cars but they may not be successful in their life. The emphasis here is on “may not be” as it is not “are not” meaning that being rich and famous and being successful are not mutually exclusive. One can be rich and successful but being rich does not necessarily imply success.

Success is something that people view differently. This difference is because success involves doing what one has for a long while been itching to do, being where they have for a long while been itching to be, reaching their set goals, which are not the same for everybody. If an individual's objective in life is to get married to a decent spouse and have many kids, and they achieve that, then they are successful. This same individual might see a childless billionaire and consider him unsuccessful. Success occurs in various forms and has numerous implications. It incorporates being content with one’s self and being where one needs to be in life. Wealth and fame may be indicators of success, but they should not be used as the only determinants of success.

July 24, 2021

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