Support for and Opposition to the Republicans

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According to Parla, conservative thinking is what drives Republicans. Republicans believe that control and authority belong to the people, not the government. The belief has both advantages and cons. One viewpoint is that of personal responsibility. Republicans argue that while the government has a role in regulating morals among individuals, it does not have the responsibility to care for each individual. People are accountable for their own lives and should accept the consequences of their decisions without interference from the government.

Second, Republicans believe in defending the constitution, particularly the bill of rights.The belief points out that every American citizen has equal rights and freedoms and their dignity and abilities must be respected regardless of race, faith, sex or disability. (Parla, ). Thirdly, people get to hold political positions through elections conducted democratically. The elected leaders then work to ensure the people that chose them benefit. (Morton, 2016)

However, the process of elections is expensive. A lot of resources get used which would have gone to other developments. Secondly, decisions get to take time before they are made due to the several procedures that need to be followed. For example, following the constitution clauses before making a decision. (Morton, 2016). Moreover, it may be difficult to prove which political aspirant is genuine. Thus, there are those people who get elected but always place their interest first before the benefit of the people.

Republicans also believe in less government expenditure and collecting taxes just enough to maintain necessary infrastructure and national security. However, the Republicans have been said to favor the rich with their tax laws as the poor who are also hardworking do not get the necessary subsidies.

Tatum (2017) states that Presidents Trump current approval rating is the lowest he has got since he took office in January this year. A majority of those polled think that President Trump has accomplished little to nothing during his nine months in office. Others believe that he is not honest and that his temperament does not suit the position of presidency. For example, fifty-one percent of the people say they do not trust him in handling North Korea. (Hansler, 2017).

President Trump’s achievements so far have been appointing a supreme court justice, withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific partnership and reversing policies that Obama’s government made such as requiring internet service providers get permission from customers before sharing their data to anyone. (Abramson, 2017)

About the mid-term elections in 2018, Republicans may have control over the Senate but might not have power control within the House representatives. President Trump's low ratings and the failure of the republican government to deliver any of its promises to the voters are the reasons for the predicament. (Harwood, 2017)

Therefore, I suggest that the Republican utilize the remaining days in seeking to fulfill promises they gave so that their poll ratings may increase. The importance of them having a high score is that they will be able to secure more spaces in the House of Representatives which will, in turn, help the government to run its programs efficiently as they will have limited opposition.


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May 02, 2023


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