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In their respective daily lives, it is the expectation of any person to make appropriate decisions. Any individuals, however, make bad choices that are likely to adversely affect their lives. Therefore, when making choices, it is imperative to use diverse theories and facts. It is necessary to assess the ramifications of a decision (Zsambok, 2014). As a result of collecting inaccurate evidence or failing to evaluate different facts, one is prone to make incorrect decisions (Fritzsche & Oz, 2007). My regular operations include the making of multiple decisions. Arguably, I generally make choices that are either good or evil. However, I strive to use different decision-making models, depending on the circumstance, to come up with effective decisions to minimize the possibility of making poor decisions. For instance, I usually use a rational decision-making model to make appropriate decisions. I have, in the past made a poor decision because I gathered limited information.

Recently, I made one of the worst decisions due to faulty information from other students. I decided to cut links between my new friend, John, and I following advice from other students. According to them, John was a drug addict who could be a bad influence on my life. I was advised to avoid his company and concentrate on my studies. I listened to their advice without gathering appropriate information about John. Later, I realized that John is one of the best students with impeccable characters that every person should emulate and he is among the top performing students.

The decision to become a nurse is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. Nursing allows an individual to impact the lives of the people in the community positively (Hartman et al. 2014). Putting more effort in my studies is equally another best decision I have made in life. I always work hard in school to ensure that I achieve my dreams. However, I have also made some worst decisions in life. At one point, I constantly felt fatigued and assumed that it was a normal feeling. I performed my daily tasks without bothering to seek medical attention. After a week, my condition worsened, and I had no option but to seek medical care. I was diagnosed with malaria and put in proper medication to save my life. The doctor reiterated that if I could have delayed further, the condition could have worsened and it could have been difficult to save my life. The decision to avoid seeking medical care in appropriate time is one of the regrettable decisions I have made in life. Another worst decision I made in my life was to trust people who purported to be my genuine friends, yet they were not during my early days in school. I was naïve to establish that their behaviors would lead to deterioration of my performance. Fortunately, I discovered that their company was not beneficial and abandoned their ways of life and began performing better in school.

My decision to become a nurse was facilitated by the desire to help the people in the society. Being a nurse would provide an opportunity to achieve my dreams. I employed rational decision-making model to ensure that I laid down the reasons that prompted my desire to become a nurse. Rational decision-making model involves making of choices after logically examining the alternatives (Wilson, 2010).

In conclusion, it is imperative for everyone to make sure that they make best decisions. Some people make regrettable decisions that are irreversible leading to an inappropriate way of life. Essentially, the rational decision-making model is appropriate as it presents facts before making decisions. The model should be used by everyone to ensure that people make proper decisions.


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August 09, 2021
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