Team-Based Approach at Chick a Fill

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Chick a fill is the company that I have chosen because it is considering using a team-based approach to management in order to increase efficiency and cut costs. The team-based strategy directs decision-making at all levels of management, including top, middle, and lower management. In reality, it is appropriately referred to as a participatory management strategy. From this vantage point, we can see that before a decision is taken, any member of the team involved, from top management to general staff, is consulted; this empowers the employees and allows them to own the company's decisions. The company is likely to face a myriad of issue that stems from the incumbent corporate culture which is largely top down. The transition from top-down to flat administration is often tricky due to the fact that the various levels of management have inertia that has been developed in their current state. It can prove hectic to break this inertia force as the management is often reluctant to change. Additionally, Chick a fill would have to train their employees in empowerment (Brown & Hyer, 2009). It is often a challenge to convince the employees that their decisions are valued and pertinent to the situation, especially when transitioning from a bureaucratic structure. They shall always feel that they are simply employees with no say in decision making which shall hinder their effective contribution. Penultimately the company has to change their design and incorporate elements such as an open office approach. This is often a challenge as it would cause a major shift in how the management occurs at the office. Last but not least, it shall be difficult to determine the extent of participation that is healthy, at this point, it is worth noting that participatory planning and management is not always healthy, as a matter of fact, it can be negative since decision making can be slowed down considerably. It is a real challenge in training the employees of the organizations on how far to participate and to what extent (Masterson, 2014).

Possible Solutions

The above issues can be solved through simple techniques such as practice. This is particularly true with regards to breaking the inertia associated with the previous management style. As the employees and management use the new techniques, they shall eventually adapt to them and overcome the resistance to change that may have been there. Secondly, role playing shall be effective in helping the employees learn about empowerment. It is an effective means of ensuring that the employees get a feel of the new system and prepare for it thoroughly. Thirdly, for the design to be effective, the organization must incorporate the employee’s input. Last but not least, to be able to tame the participatory relationship so that it is not sub-optimal, the management shall have to be trained in participatory leadership approaches by enlisting the help of specialists such as social psychologists and industrial-organizational psychologists (Palaveev, 2012).


The team based approach emphasizes the participatory aspects of leadership. It has its benefits such as efficiency, speed and cost reduction. However, it is important to note that when overindulged, the approach can become negative and result in sub optimization which is negative for the business enterprise.


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December 28, 2022

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