Technology and Culture

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Technology has come a long way in the last few decades. In the world of technology, there is a lot of invention. Because of this invention, the environment benefits. This is due to the fact that machines are more reliable and make fewer errors than humans. As a result, people find it difficult to picture their lives without technology. Some philosophers contend that, while technology is beneficial, it would destroy the earth. As a result, technology has benefits and drawbacks that must be considered in order to comprehend this concept. Our society is deteriorating as a result of technological advancements. Technology is the best thing that can happen to the world while at the same time it is the worst thing that has ever happened to the world. We find that technology is very important because we are able to communicate with people who are living so far from us. Also, we are able to learn so many things through the online networks and others take online courses which help them improve the learning process. In this era of technology, we are using computers more often. We \can communicate with teachers through the computers and also receive home works through the computers. On the same notion, the hard copy books are greatly becoming obsolete in that we can easily download the softcopy books with our computers. Students have greatly benefited because they can easily research which makes learning easier with the use of the internet (Engstrom 67).

In the same perspective, with the help of aviation technology, we are able to travel to distant places within a short period. This is because of the invention of cars, bus airplanes, ships, bikes etc, unlike the old days when one spent years to travel. Also, farmers have adopted some criteria in advancing the agriculture thereby increasing the yields of their produce. This is due to the invention of improved machines making farmers to rarely use manual labor. Also export and import technology has helped the easier transport of goods from one place to another by us of trucks. Also on the same note, by the use of computers, farmers are able to keep track of goods going out and coming in. In the side of medical advancement, technology has greatly helped in the side of better access to treatment (Valdez et al. 45).

The exploration of medical research has allowed experts to make tangible changes in the health care system. Also, the software improves health care and disease control. There is better coordination and greater efficiency in that technology has made patient care more secure and more accurate in most applications. Doctors and nurses can store test results record important symptoms and any other relevant data concerning the patient. Technology has greatly reduced the use of papers which when used result to environmental pollution if not disposed of properly (Fogg 43).

Tough technology has affected us positively it also has negative effects. Most of the work can be done through the internet implying that technologists are turning everything into computer peripheral. It is also evident that a lot of use of technology without exercise leads to obesity. This is because of the excessive use of things such as cars, televisions, computers and mobile devices which makes people to live a sedentary lifestyle. We find that the children spend a lot of time playing video games because of the addiction. In farming technology has brought about many innovations including machines and chemicals some of which have been found to have negative effects. Too much use of fertilizers is making the soil lose its fertility. The environment is also threatened in that the aviation technology is giving healthy problems to the staff. Therefore overdependence of technology has greatly impacted and hindered the natal relationship. The skills for healthy lifestyle have also been affected thereby hindering the medical advancement (Cowan 17).

There are some arguments that the advancement of technology is actually a devil`s invention because most of the things that we do we usually use technology. The argument further states that in this modern life there is completely no physical activity. On the same note, the manufacturing industries are using very hard packaging materials to package this makes it hard for the consumers (Fogg 33).

It is evident that some machines are making decisions for us, for example, the automated toilet. It is upon the toilet to decide when to flash water the amount of tissue paper to give you and the time of performing the two activities. Also, the water faucets have to see one`s hand in order to decide the amount of water to give the use. This notion is much of an inconvenience because one is just standing to wait for a machine to think for him. The philosophy of technology has not greatly been understood. In this perspective, it is very confusing because we are using certain technological devices for a short period of time. For instance, one may opt to pick a phone to use it and put it back also, one flies from one place to another using an airplane and gets off. This notion of interaction is the definition of technology according to use and purpose. It is also confusing because these technological tools can help or destroy as in the example of a knife which one can use to slice an apple and also use it to stab the next person. Therefore this is a positive and negative aspect (Fogg 50).

Technology has greatly impacted our culture. Culture is the beliefs, customs etc which is shared by a particular society, group place or time In the past People used to meet together and discuss ideas and concerns. This notion has been widely been wiped out because today people meet on the online platforms such as Face book, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp et.c. Smartphone use and computers has greatly been adopted by individuals. This has made so many people believe that they are connected to the outside world or with the people around them. It is very evident that we are truly building relationships with our technology. In this perspective, we have concluded that we are closer to each other. In reality, one can hide from somebody by connecting electronically. Truly technology has created a sense of isolation. It has changed the way people think and communicates in that one can be heard by use of the docile media platforms. But this communication has helped the changing of business in that there is easy access to information. It can also speed up the core work function of business enterprises as well as process a greater masses of information about the corporations. Contrary to this in person connections has been greatly been altered. A lot of people have created an illusion of being in control by hiding behind messages instead of meeting in person. To add to this when messages are conveyed the true intentions of the information cannot be understood in that one cannot know how the message will be received or reacted to (Cowan 20).


In conclusion, Technology was made to make our lives better but it's evident that it has a lot of effects on our culture. Although it has benefits people have greatly adopted a sense of overdependence and this has run over our culture. On the same note, the culture may oppose the emerging new technology, therefore, making the two aspects not to relate well. Technology has grown so much hence people can never live without it. There is a complete deterioration of skills thus when we compare from the previous generations we find that technology is becoming the downfall of our society.

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January 20, 2022


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