Telecommunication network

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A telecommunications network is a vital networking medium that allows individuals to communicate with other persons or organizations. Televisions and radios are used in the systems. The networking network is used to share experiences, assessments, results, and advice. Furthermore, people have a tendency to mimic any interesting topics from social media characters. That knowledge source is useful and can affect a consumer's decision-making. The majority of study has found that people use social media knowledge to plan upcoming purchases or trips. Furthermore, most companies use social media as a marketing tactic.

The environment of social media is readily applicable to marketers to reach customers.

People tend towards believing what is recommended by their friends as well as telecommunication characters. Movies also radio programs are the most popular site of electronic communication. Information posting could influence individuals to do the same things or else make decisions using the same information. Peer communication which is an agent of socialization relates strongly to product attitudes that are placement-related also purchase intentions.

Presently, news media, as well as television journalism, has become part of the life of an individual. Advertisers have decisively positioned products as well as names of brands into movies or else scripts of TV, to attract the attention of the consumer. Advertisement agents spent nearly 3.8 billion dollars, in 2011, for TV as well as movies product placement. By 2014, the expenditure is expected to increase to 14 billion dollars (Balasubramanian et al., 2016).

Multi-level influences affect consumers when choosing a product. Deliberations include product attribute, communication by word of mouth, as well as online reviews to aid making of the final decisions. This is referred to peer influence. The theory of consumer socialization suggests that communication that is consumption related between consumers transmits attitudes as well as a change of behavior (Martin, 2013).

Peer conceptualization has expanded with the emergence of the Internet. Through Internet use, individuals can find the reviews of other people on products or else e-commerce website services for instance E-commerce popularity has helped in making these websites an essential existence in the online marketplace. Even though strangers make the website reviews, the information may be considered helpful to the consumer also may contemplate these people as peer influencers.

Online reviews from consumers aid in gaining knowledge of the product, validates the choice of the product, as well as making the right purchase decision. Online peer interaction helps consumers obtain new knowledge as well as relevant skills in the online marketplace, this being key to the theory of consumer socialization. When consumers spend most of their time online, they are more likely to buy some products. Purchase intention is influenced by high-quality reviews as well as high consumer quantity. Use of media is a crucial basis of beliefs that are consumer related, attitudes, as well as changes in behavior.

TV shows watching contributes to the wide-ranging processes of learning of the orientation of the consumer. Frequent exposure to TV advertisements causes the consumer to approve ideas as well as desires that are consumer related. Particular stimulus repeated exposure associated with preference. Precisely, the mere theory of exposure asserts that frequent novel stimuli exposure yields an attitude that is positive. Several studies established that recurrent product placement exposure in media contents causes consumers have beliefs that are considered positive towards the product, resulting in particular outcomes of behavior. Consumers who watch TV shows frequently are expected to be exposed to ample placement of products, affecting their attitude as well as purchase intention (Kwon & Jung, 2013).


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November 09, 2022


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