Television changed by streaming services

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Streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu pose a threat to popular television. Over the years, these networks have seen upgrades that have benefited viewers from cable television. These changes provide more enticing freedom and stability relative to the static existence of the network-scheduled TV. These two reasons are notable for the growing success of subscription services.
When more people are switching to digital, corporations are entering the market and changing tv as we know it. First, the greatest change they've brought is democracy. Before streaming, cable companies held all controls when it came to the content they aired and when to show it. Consumers had to comply and watch shows already selected for them. However, this has changed; streaming services let users decide what they want to watch and when to watch it thus giving rise to binge-watching. This uninterrupted streaming option has convinced many to cut the cord on cable TV. People no longer want to wait all week to watch the next episode of their favorite show (Plaugic and Miller). This development is celebrated by fans of Netflix shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black who can watch an entire season in one sitting.

Secondly, streaming services offer flexibility to consumers. They can decide to watch their favorite shows on their TV screens or portable devices as long as they have an internet connection (Hughes). The cable services were rigid, only allowing users to watch shows on their television screens. It is this sort of flexibility that users find more convenient; they can catch up with their favorite shows anywhere.

In efforts to stay relevant in the market, the regular cable television providers are starting to adapt to the new developments. Some feel compelled to reduce the number of advertisements. They noted that some users found the heavy advertising intrusive and cumbersome hence moving to the advertisement-free streaming services. Some are even considering starting their streaming services just to keep up with competition as explained by Plaugic and Miller. What is certain is the consumers will enjoy better television as providers seek to offer the best services.

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November 11, 2021

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