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Technology and Education Transformation

Since the early decades, technology has been evolving, with new theories, technologies, and inventions emerging at both sunrise and sunset. As a result of this, the education sector has undergone a dramatic transformation, with both constructive and negative consequences based on how they are viewed.

Negative Impact on Literature

One example is communication technologies, of which mobile phones have supplanted the ancient manual letter writing. Texting is actually the simplest and most accessible method of communication, and its unusual existence has been said to have a detrimental impact on educational literature (Cullington and Michaela 90). Language teachers have complained that texts are inhibiting good writing because of its brief, shorts and precise nature. They argue out that texting causes the students to omit punctuations in the academic writing and also lose the skill of making analysis and thinking critically. This is simply because texting is written at a high speed, therefore, making it difficult for one to express their emotions and this has been transferred to academic writing where expression is very key for the purposes of clarity and emphasis. Nevertheless, texts include a lot of abbreviations and teachers have experienced students using a lot of abbreviations in writing and this has reduced the quality of their work (Cullington and Michaela 420).

Positive Impact on Academic Writing

In the contrary, texting has been viewed to bring out a positive impact on academic writing in the following ways. Texting is a form of motivation to teenagers. Teenager text frequently and this helps them to be triggered to shift the same energy to formal writing. Texting has helped people to explore their creativity and this can also be done in formal writing to bring more ideas for enhancement of skills. Furthermore, the teens' ability to make summaries out of long writing pieces can only be fostered from texting, because a lot of information is normally passed on in just a few words. The diplomatic skills are therefore sharpened. Texting helps students take pleasure in formal writing and this is because they experience comfort during texting which is also part of writing. Due to the frequent experience in texting, the students have acquired courage to explore new ideas and the ideas have also found meaning to be applied in their formal writing. Furthermore, texting has enabled students to invent a new language of symbols and abbreviations which is very convenient during this high-tech error (Cullington and Michaela 420).

Texting and Communication

The whole population across the world across all age groups have in one way or the other fallen victim of texting. Many have found texting to be more advantageous and argue out that texting has made communication easier.

Convenience in Business Communication

In the business world, individuals use texts to pass out important information like seeking for clarifications from a client, making a quick order of commodities or making an argent rectification. Massage texting is very convenient because it can be done at any place any time including in a very busy environment. Compared to other means of communication, for example, making a call can be limited by the environment, but texting cannot. It can be done when one is in an official meeting and needs to pass on an argent information, it can also be done when one is in a very noisy place. The world has experienced a drastic transition in communication which has been proven to bring more good than harm and the education sector with no doubt has benefited massively from this change (Cullington and Michaela 90).

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November 03, 2022

Technology Communication

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