The 18th Century in North America

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In the early 17th century, around 1607 is when the first permanent British colony was created in Jamestown. During this period the colonists faced difficulty as they were attacked by the natives and had difficulty finding food. However, in the 18th

century, the colonists had settled and started practicing agriculture as a source of sustenance (Jaffee). Initially, during the 17th century, the population of North America was dominated by the natives but in the 18th

Century, the population of North America was dominated by the people of British descent and other European nations (Lumen). There was a difference in population in the English colonies between the 17th and 18th

centuries whereby in the 17th century the colonies had few inhabitants but in during the 18th century, the colonies had a drastic influx of British people coming to settle in the colonies.

Social Equality and Cultural Freedom

The changes that took place between the 17th and 18th centuries greatly improved in terms of social equality and cultural freedom because in the 18th

Century, the First Great Awakening stirred up a religious revival of Protestantism. Initial Protestantism excluded people such as women, children and the people from low social backgrounds, however, the Great Awakening changed this and all the members of the society were included in religious affairs (Lumen). Initially, there were dominant religious groups such as the Anglicans and Quakers but the changes with regard to the Great Awakening gave rise to other Protestant denominations like Methodists, Baptists among others.

Political and Economic Liberty

The changes that took place between the early 17th and 18th Centuries did not improve the political and economic liberty. As a result of the 7years war, King George III introduced several tax Acts such as the Molasses Act and Currency Act which made life tasking for the colonists living in the English Colonies to conduct their business activities with ease (Stamp Act).

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