The 5000 Year Leap

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Published in 1981, The 5000 Year Leap Book is the work of W. Cleon Skousen. The book brings together a total of 28 freedom-related themes. The fact that the book was founded on the idea of natural law is what caused it to be so successful in the United States. The virtues and moral leaders, equal rights—not equal things, avoiding the burden of debt, and the genius of natural law are only a few of the 28 principles covered in the book.

The idea that "Equal Rights-Not Equal Things" is one of the book's guiding concepts has had a significant impact on my life. The principle has clearly changed my perception towards the role of government to the individual. It has unveiled to me the fact that the government only have the mandate to ensure its Citizens enjoy equal rights but not to ensure equal distribution of things as recorded on page 645-674 of the book. The principle has to help me to know that the government is not responsible for identifying what quantity or quality of things I can own but that power lies within me. This principle has hence motivated me to work hard towards acquisition of the things I need in my life and never to depend on the government for the same (Stapleton and Garrod 180).

If given the chance to change the constitution of the United States, I would opt to change the principle number 24 that suggest that a free people will not survive unless they stay strong. In my opinion, it is the government responsibility to ensure there is enough security to its citizens. My opinion is very contrary to George Washington's view suggesting that the most effective way of preserving peace is through preparation for war (Bush 345). Security should among the rights that every individual should be entitled to in every nation at an equal level. Therefore, according to this principle, people's security has not been put into consideration and their safety is not guaranteed. The change of that constitution is going to accommodate every individual including the ones that have got no skills in war. In my own view, the constitution should state that a free will people will survive under government security.

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March 02, 2023

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