The 5G Wireless Network

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5G wireless networks are a new category of high-speed wireless network that is currently being developed. 5G stands for fifth-generation wireless network, and it is the most recent infrastructure that communication providers are attempting to unveil. The platform will replace the existing fourth Generation (4G) wireless network.

Increased Internet Connectivity Speed

The importance of the 5G broadband network is the increased internet connectivity speed it hopes to provide users. The 5G network architecture adheres to the IEEE 802.11ac specifications for broadband networking. There were 2G and 3G broadband networks prior to the 4G wireless network. As the revolution of broadband communication advances the speed of internet access increases. This means that 5G has more capability to provide internet access at much higher speeds than the 4G or 3G wireless networks. The proposed 5G wireless networks will be using high-frequency millimetre waves as a medium of propagation (Ford et al., 2017). The desire to design the 5G wireless network came up due to the increased demand for more internet access and wireless capability from the ever-growing population (Wong et al., 2017). There are other communication firms using either massive MIMO, small cells, or beam-forming technologies to design the 5G wireless network.

Implications of 5G Technology

The implications of the 5G technology are many including very fast data speeds for the cellular networks. This means that the customers will be able to upload and download materials from the internet sources at a faster rate. Besides, it will be possible to stream videos and other multimedia content from the websites conveniently. The 5G network will provide more reliable internet services to satisfy the large market for internet services (Ford et al., 2017). The numbers of connected to a 5G network will be many and varied. The more the number of devices the more the users of cellular mobile communication. Increased number of subscribers and internet users will economically benefit the communication companies that have embraced the 5G wireless network technology. Another implication of the 5G wireless network is the provision of broad wireless spectrum indicating that the rate of propagation of the internet waves will increase considerably. Increased spectrum is an increased bandwidth for the network hence the speed uplink and downlink speed will be very fast. However, although the increased bandwidth will provide a fast internet connectivity with the distance of coverage will reduce. With the 5G wireless network, it will take around a millisecond to deliver fetch the browsing data from the internet servers to the user's device (Metalatala et al., 2017). It takes approximately 70 milliseconds while on the current 4G network for the user to obtain browsing information from the internet servers and therefore using the 5G wireless network will be a great improvement. This incredible speed will increase the number of customer online activities and the number of devices users can use simultaneously.

Research Methodology

I will conduct research on the 5G network from established databases such as Ebscohost and ScienceDirect. From the online databases, I will be able to obtain journals on the progress of 5G network technology and the advancements already achieved. Other educational materials I will include in my study are the peer-reviewed journals on 5G and other wireless networks from the IEEE portal. I will conduct interviews with directors of two of the communication companies that have embarked on 5G network. Further, I will visit the websites of the leading cellular communication companies to obtain information on the 5G wireless network and the likely implications for the communication sector.


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December 21, 2022
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