The Adoption of Manage Engine Firewall Analyzer

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TechFite is a company that works with NASA to make medical devices used in space programs. It is structured with a two-firewall system comprising of the inner firewall that safeguards its intranet traffic and the outside one that protects the organization and its partners. The current issue is attributed to the security infrastructure. Security threats are characterized by massive traffic which passes across the two firewalls due to the increased demand for partnership with TechFite and the need for governmental agencies to access its servers.

The firm is looking forward to an inexpensive technological solution. Besides a system that scans data for potential threats, the administrator is looking for a system that will alert users prior to an attack. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is the emerging network security software that best suits security concerns presented by TechFite. Based on the needs of the system administrator and security threats facing the company, the solution should be adopted.


ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer as a security software is significant because it analyzes logs from firewalls and responds by generating real-time feedback alert and security threat notifications. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is designed with encryption tools, spyware detection tools, firewall program, and antivirus solutions that safeguard data (Barać, 2014).

Various network security software that serve similar purposes as ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer exist, but they are inferior due to some limitations. NetFlow Analyzer is a network security software that monitors bandwidth usage and assists in minimizing threats. However, its use is limited because it does not support more than 10 vendors. Cyptosense Analyzer assists in identifying and solving security concerns in applications and infrastructure (Gupta, &Badve, 2017). Cyptosenseis inferior to ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer in the sense that it mitigates threat after it has already compromised the system.

The security network meets the goal, mission, and vision of TechFite.Based on the mission of the company, it has more traffic due to increased collaboration calls and governmental demand to access its information. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer offers security solutions that can allow access by up to50 firewall vendors (Gupta, &Badve, 2017). The software also monitors, analyzes, and alert system administrator by providing comprehensive security report feedback for an affirmative action. This is important because it mitigates threats before they compromise the system.

The disadvantage associated with ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is that it is very expensive to implement. Its licensing fees alone cost $2300 monthly. The TechFite Company’s IT department has budgeted for $250k annually including wages. Implementing the firewall analyzer will therefore greatly stretch the existing budget. The budget can be effectively covered by involving the partners and stakeholders in the process of acquiring the software.

Adoption Matrix

Implementation Process

Step 1. Double click on the ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer file

Step 2. Click on the advanced install tab

Step 3. Click “Yes” to accept the terms and conditions of the license

Step 4. Provided that it is a company, select “Standalone Edition”

Step 5. Select destination location for storing the ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer files

Step 6. Select the Web Port (use default port settings “unused”) and preferred language

Step 7. Unselect “Install ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer as service”

Step 8. Name Program Folder

Step 9. Click next to copy files

Step 10. Skip registration process

Step 11. Click on finish to complete the implementation process

Measuring the Impact

            The impact of ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer can be measured using time-range, work hour allocation, and protocol categories of reports. Time range report assists in measuring real-time feedbacks regarding security situations (Barać, 2014). Work hours allocation provides information regarding traffic patterns and trends in hourly basis. Protocol category reports analyze names and tags based on the logs. They can be accessed by navigating through Settings> Admin SETTING> Protocol Groups.

            The benefits of early software adoption are increasing partnership and collaboration with other willing organizations since the software allows a huge number of vendors to access information without traffic. The risk associated with late adoption of the security software is vulnerability to hacking among other cybersecurity threats.


Barać, I. (2014). Integrated proactive forensics model in network information security. Sinteza 2014-Impact of the Internet on Business Activities in Serbia and Worldwide, 693-699.

Gupta, B. B., &Badve, O. P. (2017). Taxonomy of DoS and DDoS attacks and desirable defense            mechanism in a cloud computing environment. Neural Computing and Applications,   28(12), 3655-3682.

September 04, 2023


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