The Advantages and Disadvantages of Collaboration Information Systems

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Collaboration information systems are significant to organizations in various ways. To begin with, the systems drive an organization more effectively towards achieving its objectives. The systems further increase the flexibility of an organization, thereby creating room for change. Moreover, collaboration information systems promote the efficiency of organization operations by engaging all the workers. Finally, the systems are significant in helping new employees to suit the company's organizational culture easily, thereby promoting its productivity (Shen et al., 2010).

            Collaboration tools improve team collaboration by offering the members a platform to exchange ideas. The tools further bring the members closer, thereby increasing communication efficiency. Moreover, the tools offer data storage items that are easily accessed by members from different locations, thus making communication easier. 

            The three synchronous communication tools that will be used include iChat, Skype, and MSN messenger. On the other hand, three asynchronous communication tools include e-mails, discussion boards, and Google drive (Giesbers, Rienties, Tempelaar & Gijselaers, 2014). I chose these tools because they are easily accessible and simple to use.

            Project files such as MS Project, Microsoft (MS) Word, MS Excel, and MS Visio can be shared among the team members through emails and Google drive. This is because these tools offer a quick and convenient way of sharing documents.

            The task list for managing tasks will be shared among the team members by the use of discussion boards. The online discussion boards offer a platform that can be easily accessed by all members. Therefore, by posting the task lists for managing tasks on the board, every member will access it from various locations.

            The new collaboration IS could offer a variety of competitive advantages for the organization. For instance, it will enhance communication among employees, thereby improving production efficiency in the organization. Further, the new collaboration information system will increasing coordination within the organization, thereby enhancing the attainment of the organization goals.


Giesbers, B., Rienties, B., Tempelaar, D., & Gijselaers, W. (2014). A dynamic analysis of the interplay between asynchronous and synchronous communication in online learning: The impact of motivation. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 30(1), 30-50.

Shen, W., Hao, Q., Mak, H., Neelamkavil, J., Xie, H., Dickinson, J., ... & Xue, H. (2010). Systems integration and collaboration in architecture, engineering, construction, and facilities management: A review. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 24(2), 196-207.

September 04, 2023




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