The Alders and Richardson Case Study

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At times, organizations might not be in a position to achieve their objectives even though enough resources may have been set aside to facilitate the implementation of all proposed projects. In such a scenario, such failures can be attributed to some internal factors within an entity such as the laxity of its management team. This paper illustrates some of the factors that can lead to deficiencies within an institution – as denoted by the Alders and Richardson case study - and how the identified shortcomings can be addressed.

The Factors That Could Be Leading to the Deficiencies

The failure to hire competent staffs is as a result of lack of a thorough vetting process, whereby all the prospective employees are screened to ascertain that they have the necessary qualifications needed to enhance the corporation’s operations.

The misappropriation of funds meant to cater for training programs that would equip the workers with the necessary skills to boost their production would be the main reason why the institution is incapable of making sure that the staffs have specialized knowledge to execute their roles.

The lack of good remuneration packages is the main reason why the institution has been losing most of its employees to its competitors (Kossivi, Xu & Kalgora, 2016). In most cases, employees feel motivated whenever they are appreciated – whether in monetary or non-monetary terms – hence, they end up preferring to work for other organizations that may be providing better employment benefits.

Recommendations to Correct the Deficiencies

Three key measures can be put in place to address the deficiencies identified above;

First, a formal and integrative process of hiring the staffs should be formulated. To do so, the firm can come up with a recruitment panel whenever it intends to hire a new employee. After advertising the job vacancy, the panel should be obligated to conduct a thorough vetting process among all the applicants, which would enable the institution to choose the most suitable candidate.

To make sure that the workers have the required expertise to carry out their roles as anticipated, the organization should organize for educational seminars and conferences. Additionally, enough funds should be set aside to cater for the costs of such programs.

There exists a correlation between employees’ retention rate and the level of motivation provided to them. Therefore, the management should make sure that a remuneration policy is introduced into the company (Kossivi, Xu & Kalgora, 2016). For instance, the hardworking employees can be taken on a paid vacation or promoted to the next job level. Besides, a workers’ party can be conducted at the end of the year as a means of thanking the staffs for their immense service all through.

Measures that Would Denote that the Recommendations have a Positive Impact

One of the key measures that would signal that the above recommendations are yielding the anticipated benefits is an overall increase in the number of sales the firm would make for a given period – for instance, within one month. An increase in the number of sales would imply that the organization is producing high-quality products that meet the clients’ preferences and tastes. Another factor that would illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed recommendations is a high rate of employees’ retention. The case study depicts that the workers have been seeking for greener pastures after working for a quite shorter period in Alders and Richardson Company. However, a change in this trend would be a sign that the staffs are being provided with a good working environment and that their concerns are well catered for, which would lure them to keep working for the organization.

Measures that Would Depict that the Recommendations Are Not Yielding the Intended Impact

On the other hand, there are some measures that would be an indication that the recommendations have not been effected. One such measure is the persistence trend of the staffs seeking better employment opportunities in the rival companies. This would be an indication that the entity has not implemented the proposed remunerations policy. Additionally, there might be an outcry from the customers that the products are not in line with their preferences after some time. Such concerns from the community members is a key indication that the organization has not yet started to enhance its employees’ skills by organizing training programs for them.

The Collaboration and Communication of the Executive Management Team

The success of any corporation is largely dependent on its executives as they are mandated to make critical decisions regarding the nature of the production processes and the main procedures that should be followed. Besides, the management is also obligated to make sure that it addresses all the issues that may be limiting the potential of a corporation to carry out its operations as expected. However, the lack of communication and collaboration between Alders and Richardson’s executive management depicts that the VP of HR and the HR are not team players. In an institution, teamwork should start from the top, which would be a sign that the management is capable of handling any matter that would pose any threat to the welfare of the firm with ease (Morgeson, DeRue & Karam, 2010).

Recommendations to the President Regarding the VP of HR and HR’s Ongoing Underperformance

As demonstrated above, the executives play an integral role in enhancing the performance of a company. Therefore, it would be important to put in place adequate measures that would boost the performance of the HR and his/her deputy. First, the two should come up with a performance improvement plan that will illustrate how they are going to share responsibilities between them. Doing so is an effective strategy for making sure that each one of them would be held accountable for his/her failure to discharge a respective duty as depicted by the performance improvement plan.

Source of Resistance to the Recommendations and Intervention

One source of resistance that would bar the effective implementation of the intervention measure identified above is lack of confidence or trustworthy between the two executives. In most cases, the two individuals execute the same duties. Hence, there is a likelihood that one won’t be willing to let the other accomplish a respective task more so if he/she feels that he/she can accomplish the duty better. As a result, the executives may end up losing faith in each other, which might affect their level of cooperation in executing their roles as anticipated.


Kossivi, B., Xu, M., & Kalgora, B. (2016). Study on determining factors of employee retention. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 4, 261-268.

Morgeson, F.P., DeRue, D.S., & Karam, E.P. (2010). Leadership in teams: A functional approach to understanding leadership structures and processes. Journal of Management, 36(1), 5-39.

October 30, 2023

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