The Architecture Development Method of TOGAF

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TOGAF is an all-encompassing technique used in developing an architecture that helps in defining the goals of a corporation. It's used by the current day prominent companies to help improve their efficiencies (White, 2018).

Components of TOGAF

Different components are offered by TOGAF which a business entity can assimilate into their enterprise architecture. The diverse mechanisms of TOGAF comprise of, Architecture Development Method, Architecture Content Framework, Models, ADM Guidelines and Techniques, Enterprise Continuum, and Architecture Capability Framework. TOGAF core component is the ADM as it has demonstrated the techniques of advancing an architecture and helps in determining the necessities of a commerce. Architecture Content Framework component helps in providing a comprehensive model of architectural work merchandises comprising of deliverables, work of art surrounded by the deliverables, in addition to the architecture building blocks. The Architecture Content Framework additionally aids in driving better uniformity in TOGAF outputs. The thinking behind the inclusion of ADM further than having a respectable basis for the context, is that ADM acts as an alternative technique, it helps in establishing the framework for requirements controlling, and the pieces that surround it such as change management, the planning on migration, the architecture of information systems, implementation governance, technology architecture, as well as new and innovative openings and resolutions. In each one of these stages take account of the purposes, methodology, inputs, phases, and yields for the framework.

By including the Architecture Content Framework is that it helps in improving a model that will make available prototypical products of architectural work, including deliverables, work of art inside those deliverables, and the architecture building blocks. Having the capacity to improve a framework that gives demonstrations on a relationship and by what method to utilize the deliverables and what a part of these deliverables is. Deliverables can be a number of things such as diagrams, catalogs, procedures, matrices, and others. These are reflected deliverables since they are objects that are tangible that are projected to be distributed to a client either internal or external. Undertaking this will find the type of content that will be presented to the clients and in what way this content will give assistance to the clients in a better understanding the product and services we will offer.

The challenges that happen to be imposed by making an addition of these to frameworks to my plan is giving an explanation to all the interested party what this means to them. For illustration, with the internal clients or staffs, we will be required to communicate to them with the new systems in place how to carry out certain responsibilities and where to access the essential processes and procedures associated to these jobs. Such as if a worker desires to check their spam filter, or encrypt an email to an external client we will need to make sure that we are providing procedures for how to perform these tasks. The greatest way to do this is to offer a knowledge base with articles and procedures that are easily accessible by your customers and employees to read these documents whenever they need to know how to do something. By doing this you can improve customer satisfaction and less stress on calls coming into your IT department when employees are trying to find a way to do something they can just go to the knowledge base as an alternative to making calls to people.

Adding ADM comes with the challenge of clarifying how the numerous dissimilar phases of ADM will interrelate. One is required to advance an architectural vision and get a buy-in for the idea, the industrial architecture and how that architecture will affect your customers. You will have to clarify to the participants how the numerous phases of ADM which are different will help benefit the planned solution and how the stated paybacks will be more important than the added tasks that some of the stakeholders will have to take on and how much time it might take of theirs from their other day to day activities.

In conclusion, TOGAF will support in aligning solution with the goals of the business as this will give assistance in creating standard techniques for making modifications, by what method to implement certain tasks and to effortlessly access the procedures and methods for these tasks deprived of having to include extra people than necessary. By applying TOGAF it will similarly implement a change management solution which will benefit in making sure that there are no un-required alterations being carried out that might cost your interested parties time or properties.


White, S. K. (2018, August 10). What is TOGAF? An enterprise architecture methodology for business. Retrieved from What is TOGAF? An enterprise architecture methodology for business:

September 04, 2023

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