The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working as a Team

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The production of the presentation and teamwork

The production of the presentation provided me with an opportunity to work in a team. In the process, I was able to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of working as a team. That aside, I have to say that drafting, polishing, and finalizing the presentation on Galaxy on6 was dotted by a list of things that went well.

Teamwork and completing the assignment on time

The ability of the group members to work as a team in completing the assignment on time is among these things. We chose one of us to be the team leader and this gave us the flexibility that allowed for all the members to make meaningful contributions. In as much as we initially disagreed on the topic for the assignment, settling for Galaxy on6 was exemplary because of the information that we were able to collect about the newly launched product.

Assigned tasks and cooperation in the group

Moreover, all the members of the group were assigned tasks that they felt were manageable and this was another reason behind our ability to finish the assignment long before the deadline. All the members of the group were cooperative and in the event of grievances, they freely aired. The democratic nature of our team was pivotal to the success that we enjoyed in terms of efficiency in handling tasks and delivering a high-quality presentation.

Challenges faced by the team

Things that did not Go so Well

We started experiencing challenges as a group from the very beginning. The team members were at loggerheads on the most appropriate topic that had expansive content and was interesting. Some of the members argued that working on new products launched by an automobile company would be more effective. However, the team leader and I were against the ideas citing that it had already been done by other groups. After wasting time trying to identify the best topic, we all decided to work on Galaxy On6.

Another thing that did not go so well is that we had to reschedule our meetings on several occasions, which was caused by the failure of some of the members to show up. According to the members, the timing of the meetings clashed with their activities and leading to them being absent. Subsequently, this had a direct impact on the progress of the assignments. Poor communication was blamed for the high levels of nonattendance during the meetings and group discussion. The team leader was forced to change the times for the meetings with the aim of meeting the needs of all the members. Information authenticity and accuracy also had a negative impact on our quest for producing the presentation. Some of the information on Galaxy on6 from the internet was not accurate and this forced us to exercise caution when producing the presentation. We majorly relied on Samsung’s website for accurate and authentic data and information on the new product.

Contributions of team members

My Own Contribution

My contribution to the team was limited to the tasks that I was assigned by the team leader. One of these tasks was working on the promotion strategies that the company needed to adopt in ensuring that its newly launched product effectively penetrated the U.S. market. I also worked on the places that the company could capitalize on in expanding its market segments. The team leader asked me to work on the presentation’s conclusion and all these tasks provided me with the knowledge that I will use in the future. Other than the tasks, I also played a major role in settling for the topic on Galaxy On6 and convincing the team members about its suitability in terms of content. Being an active participant in the group meetings, I on several occasions proposed measures that the team would embrace in ensuring that we produced a high-quality presentation that would capture the attention of the targeted audience. I urged the members of the team to feel free and share any grievances and suggestions that they had and, this was vital in enhancing our performance as a group.

Others’ Contribution

The entire team was tasked with the role of ensuring that the presentation surpassed all the expectations and that it was completed before the deadline. The other members of the group set individual goals and objectives that they were supposed to meet. Each of the members ensured that they made extensive and detailed research on the topic and effectively worked on the tasks that they were assigned. During the group meetings, consultation was always the order of the sessions and this was crucial in that members that found it challenging to work on some of their tasks. The other members of the team also played an essential role in proposing vital ideas that would have contributed to an improvement of our group assignment handling in the future. Some of the presentation tasks that the other members of the team handled included product description, market outline, segmentation, positioning, and the opportunities in the market. Moreover, they ensured that the presentation was high notch before marking it as complete.

Enhanced Future Performance and Experience Derived

The assignment was a revelation to me in various perspectives. Firstly, I learned about the importance of setting goals and target when handling tasks. Moreover, I gathered knowledge on the factors that businesses need to implement for them to gain competitiveness over their rivals in the market. In the future, I plan to start my business and the information I have derived from this presentation will be useful then. In the quest for ensuring that we bolster our performance as a team in the future, we will have to ensure that we enhance our time management and work collaboratively. Additionally, as a team, it will be vital for us to effectively address any challenges arising and allow the members to offer suitable ideas on improving our performance. Finally, including all the team members in the decision-making process will be vital in ensuring that the team meets the set goals and objectives in the future.

September 18, 2023

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