The Best Approach for Promoting Persistent Improvements is the Utilization of Six Sigma Strategies

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The Best Approach for Promoting Persistent Improvements

The best approach for promoting persistent improvements is the utilization of Six Sigma strategies when focusing on quality of an organization. This is because the approach pursues to enhance the output’s quality of a process by noticing and eradicating the sources of defects as well as decreasing variability in the organization and manufacturing processes. Ramesh, Manickam, and Prasanna (2016) claim that it applies a set of quality managing techniques, mostly empirical, statistical approaches, and makes a distinct infrastructure of individuals within the company who are specialists in these techniques. Every Six Sigma project conducted within the business follows a clear sequence of procedures and has particular value goals, for instance: increasing profits, increasing consumer satisfaction, reducing costs, reducing pollution, and reducing process cycle time.

The Major Aim of the Six Sigma Approach

According to Ramesh, Manickam, and Prasanna (2016), the major aim of the Six Sigma approach is the adoption of a measurement-grounded method that emphases on variation reduction and process improvement through the use of Six Sigma enhancement projects. This is achieved via the application of DMADV and DMAIC (sub-methodologies of Six Sigma). The DMADV process (verify, design, analyze, measure, define) is the improvement scheme employed to develop new products or processes at the Six Sigma quality stages. It may as well be used when the current process needs more than mere incremental improvement. Likewise, DMAIC sub-methodology process (control, improve, analyze, measure, define) is the enhancement system for present processes dropping below specification and seeking for incremental perfection.

Six Sigma vs Other Quality Enhancement Methods

Another reason why Six Sigma is the best approach is that it tallies much higher as compared to other quality enhancement methods (Ramesh, Manickam & Prasanna, 2016). Corporates using other approaches like Kaizen just concentrate on accomplishing predetermined quality rates that certainly increases efficiencies though doesn’t enable the business to recognize the full potential. Conversely, Six Sigma is dissimilar since the emphasis is to make reliable quality perfections until organization processes are optimized. Once some quality level is realized, the business shifts gears, as well as starts focusing on attaining other quality levels until every corporate process is fully exploited.


Ramesh, C., Manickam, C., & Prasanna, S. C. (2016). Lean Six Sigma Approach to Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness Performance: A Case Study in the Indian Small Manufacturing Firm. Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, 6(12), 1063-1072.

October 24, 2023

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