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The community of small business owners has the potential to expand and the power to bring additional clients to their particular industry. Businesses will need to adopt new social media marketing trends in order to meet these aims. A large chocolate manufacturer has showed interest in educating small business owners about the benefits of digital marketing. The utilization of social media for marketing and promotional activities has benefited the company. As small business employees we have experienced the same challenges as the small business community such as customer retention and time management. During the exciting journey as a business, social media has given us a platform to connect with people and acquire information that has helped to develop products and services that meet different market niches. Social computing has also contributed to minimization of cost of production and time.

The business has been using various social media platforms to market product and services. They include the following;




Google plus

The success for social media marketing is attributed to the experience and knowledge background of key employees in the business. Amy as the marketing director holds a BA in marketing and is an active member of the association of business communication. As the project manager, I have been working on the development of the signature product line of college collections which has achieved great success for the past decade. The product line involved all the major areas of schools and out-of-state schools collections.

The efforts put into social media marketing has increased our website traffic and broaden our understanding on how to increase sales revenue. Our brand has been enjoying loyalty from our regular customers who have become influential brand ambassadors for our products.

Incorporating social media in daily operations will enable the company to retain customers, increase brand recognition, decrease marketing cost, increase insight, and provide more opportunities for expansion of the SMEs in various industries.


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March 10, 2023
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