The Black Cat and " The Tell-Tail Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe

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"The Tell-Tale Heart"" is one of Edgar Allan's short tales. It tells the story of an anonymous narrator who was able to maintain his reason after murdering the old guy. The murder is well-planned, and the murderer conceals the body by chopping it into little pieces and placing it beneath the floorboards. (2nd Edgar)
In "The Black Cat," an untrustworthy first-person narrator connects how drinking, as well as self-deception, led him to slaughter a cat with his wife (Edgar 4). Pluto, the narrator, is humiliated after murdering his beloved black cat, and subsequently adopts a cat, but he is unable to escape the guilt of murder.
Question 2.
In my viewpoint, the narrator in tell-tale heart story considers eye to be offensive because the old man's eye harassed him. And for that reason, the narrator opted to get rid of the old person. On the other hand, in the story, The black cat, the narrators do not consider eye to be offensive because once the narrator realizes that the cat did not have an eye , the narrator started hating the cat
Question 3.
The madness of the narrator affects the story in a way that he is influenced and kills the old man. This has led him to be considered to be murderer as well as an insane person. However, some of the facts that can be considered to be lies is that the narrator does not connect his behavior with what is happening in the story.
Question 4
The drinking nature of the narrator reveals bad behavior of himself because through alcohol the narrator can engage in immoral behaviors mainly killing the old man. Furthermore, drinking also influenced him towards being considered to be mad and associate him with bad characters as a person of violence.
Question 5.
The idea of violence in the stories is related to alcoholism. The narrator in both stories explains that alcohol drinking influenced the characters and the narrator become more irritable and for that reason cared less for others. The narrator mistreated dogs, monkey, and other animals. Also, people in most cases are willing to do things without apparent reason.
Question 6.
I do not believe the narrator when he says that he is rational and have very sharp senses. This is because his sanity is being questioned especially when he explains why he had to murder the old man. And the reason he gives is that he had a problem with the old man's eye, and later the narrator is obsessed with the old man's eye. Furthermore, a person cannot be rational and at the same time be insane, because insanity means one has some form of mental illness.
Question 7.
There are monsters in the two stories, for instance, in the story, The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator can be considered to be a monster. This is because he murders the old man with no apparent reason. Furthermore, he does not understand the differences between what is real and the unreal. This makes him monstrous because he does an immoral and absurd thing to the old man. Also, in the story, The Black Cat is the unnamed narrator, who seems to believe in supernatural.

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