The Call Of The Entrepreneur

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The Call of the Entrepreneur is a documentary of three successful businessmen. Released in 2007, the film follows the adventures of Brad Morgan, Frank Hanna and Jimmy Lai (Scionka). Morgan is the owner of a multimillion composting company, Hanna is a banker operating in New York and Lai is the owner of the Giordano outlet and Next Media corporation.

Mainly, the subjects in the documentary reflect on the challenges and opportunities in the entrepreneurial world. The characters reflect on several strategies that can be applied by aspiring entrepreneurs to realize success in the business world. The documentary also examines the counsel of several professionals in the economics industry.

            Remarkably, the film was able to successfully convey the struggles that the subjects in the plot underwent, and the subsequent victories in their quest for entrepreneurial success. The use of the interview method in the film facilitated the delivery of first-hand accounts. I was also impressed by the producers’ decision to involve a range of professionals in the inquiry. Such an approach is critical since it allows the assessment and inclusion of alternative views.

            However, I feel that the film failed to successfully reflect opposing views in the film. Notably, all of the interviewees were in support of entrepreneurship as the backbone of the economy. The film also failed to examine the real challenges that impede the success of majority businesses. Still, the film contains a myriad information on business concepts for aspiring entrepreneurs.

            There are two main quotes in the film that greatly fascinated me. They include “You put your butt in the corner, you’d be surprised what you can achieve” by Brad Morgan and “Taking a risk is actually dashing into hope. You’re just dashing into the future hoping that it’s going to be better” by Jimmy Lai (Scionka). The two quotes are important to me because they emphasize the concepts of initiative, commitment and courage in life.

Work Cited

The Call of the Entrepreneur. Directed by Simon Scionka, Written by Jonathan Writ, United States, 2007.

September 25, 2023


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