The Case Study of Lizard Beach Resort

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The Four Functions of Management

The case study provided presents the four functions of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In planning, Terry is establishing environmental standards that he wants the resort to achieve and maintain. He then organized how to meet the environmental standards by delegating tasks to his departmental managers and supervisors. Terry shows traits of leading through his passion and concern for the environment, which made him, win the Green Star Accommodation Award. His passion and determination will motivate his staff to achieve the goals that he has set. Control is presented through conducting performance reviews, which will help him know if they are making steps towards achieving the environmental standards and what needs to be corrected.

Lizard Beach Resort Stakeholders

Lizard Beach Resort has two types of stakeholders internal and external. The internal stakeholders include its owners, board of directors, and employees. The external stakeholders include tourists, its surrounding residents, and the Pilbara community. They are stakeholders because they are directly and indirectly affected by the operations of Lizard Beach Resort. The neighboring residents of the resort and tourists support environmentally friendly practices and establishment and if the resort does not take of its environment through proper recycling of waste and minimizing the use of non-renewable energy the community will lose their beautiful scenery and the animal sanctuary. If it loses the beautiful scenery and animal sanctuary, then tourists will stop visiting the resort and the Pilbara community. This means that the resort will lose revenue leading to some employees being retrenched.

External Relations Consultant's Email

When writing an email to Mr. Terry, it is important to draw to his attention that this era is not similar to the past one. Businesses exist not only to make money but also to provide solutions to social and environmental problems. The first reason is that employees demand that the company they work for is socially responsible. Employees tend to remain in companies that do more charity work, are concerned about taking care of the environment. Socially responsible businesses have higher employee morale, retention, loyalty, and productivity. The second reason is that consumers tend to turn to companies that improve the society and environment, which can be through the support of charities. Consumers tend to adjust their buying behavior from average firms to the ones that are socially responsible. The third reason is that it will ensure the resort develops a competitive immunity making it more sustainable in the long-term as the company gets to differentiate itself from the already crowded market. The final reason is that capitalism and society are evolving. Investors are moving to companies that are socially responsible and moving away from the ones that are not which is shaping the future and success of businesses.

Utilitarian and Moral Rights Approaches

The utilitarian approach is the motivation to achieve greater good, which will positively affect a significant number of people. Moral rights approach means that a person makes a decision by considering the fundamental human rights. Terry has adopted the utilitarian approach as he is passionate about protecting the environment by developing strategies that will ensure all its stakeholders benefit from it. This will go a long way in protecting the community around the resort from pollution and their environment being destroyed.

Theory of Justice and Individualism

The theory of justice is when persons make their decision by taking into consideration if it will promote equality and fairness. Individualism is when a person makes a decision based on their personal goals which will, in the end, benefit everyone else. Terry has adopted individualism theory as his values have impacted how interacts with other people as well as his day to day life. His passion for the environment will benefit the Pilbara community and the nearby rivers and trees.

Caroll's CSR Pyramid

The Caroll’s CSR pyramid shows the responsibilities of a business. The Caroll’s CSR pyramid demands that a company should be profitable; it should obey the law, be ethical, and be philanthropic. Terry is adopting the ethical responsibility in his decision to become environmentally responsible whereby he is more concerned about the greater good that will be achieved in the end.

October 24, 2023

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