The Case Study of Lonely Planet Company

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The Lonely Planet: A Case Study

The Lonely Planet is a renowned International publishing company famous for publishing travel books, guides and Language phrases based on adventurous travel experiences. Analytically, people enjoy adventure and traveling as traveling offers an adventurous experience that people find enjoyable and memorable. I regard the founders of the company Maureen Wheeler and Tony to be quite innovative to initiate the idea back in 1971 as the idea helps people share traveling experiences quite significantly. The company has been a milestone in ensuring people who love traveling can share their experiences, as well as people, can gain relevant knowledge pertinent to travelers from different parts. Travelling also helps in to bring delight to the lonely world. The essay evaluates the Lonely Planet company case study as well as focuses on some of the factors that have led to the success of the company since inception in 1971.

The Philosophy of the Company

The philosophy of the Company has played a crucial role towards the success of the company. The company has used its philosophy to inculcate a culture that views traveling to be a fun activity for people across the globe. Inculcating a positive culture is a significant element that ensures employees offer quality services that propel operations of a firm (Jos et al. 2012). From the philosophy that the Lonely planet uses, the Company ensures that it understands that its services are impactful, which makes employees feel that their effort is recognized quite extensively.

Teamwork Approach

The next vital aspect is that the Lonely Planet Company uses a teamwork outlook instead of a group outlook. Teamwork is vital as it ensures that everyone participates and the person's efforts are recognized in the holistic process as teamwork uses a system where all the people involved are crucial (Hap & Yazdanifard, 2015). Employees act as the engine of any company as labor force plays a crucial role in ensuring that the operations of a firm are successful. As seen in the lonely travel, employees have some latitude in working, which makes them feel free to make their contributions to the company well, freely and in a friendly environment. The managers also dress in simple dress codes that do not appear to be bossy in nature as the company allows them to dress in sandals and casual clothing. A protuberant strength in the operations of the firm is the teamwork approach that further allows easy communication and sharing of ideas. Easy innovation and sharing of ideas are important in ensuring that a firm grows its operations quite extensively.

Dynamic External Environment

The company also has a dynamic external environment. Dynamism in the external environment is a vital factor that ensures firms operate objectively and the services that the firms offer are often successful. The Staff of the Lonely Planet Company thinks broadly on aspects that revolve around the travel industry to ensure the services that the firm offers correspond to the external environment, as well as the services, meet the customer demands. Objective thoughts of the company have played a crucial role in ensuring that the company has successful operations. Irrespective of the firm being based in Australia, the firm offers extensive travel services to other parts of the globe, which portrays objectivity in performance. Objectivity has helped the firm to reach more markets. Based on the above reasons, the Lonely Planet has good management.


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October 24, 2023



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