The Challenges of Developing and Integrating Clinical and Health-Related Apps

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The modern marketplace has embraced mobile technologies functionality. The healthcare and medical services have not been left behind. The twenty-first century has witnessed the increase of mobile digital healthcare products. However, this undertaking has not been an easy one, there are several challenges that are associated with the development and integration of clinical and health-related apps(Chen, &Michael, 10). This paper will look at examples of such challenges and how to overcome them so that an organization can successfully develop and integrate clinical and health-related apps.

Challenges in mobile healthcare solutions

The main challenge is the complexity of the mobile system. Mobile health systems should be simple and easy to use, however, simple systems are susceptible to a security breach. This creates a problem for developers of these systems (McCormick 8). While complex systems help in solving the security problem, staff members might find challenges in using these complex systems. To overcome this challenge, there has to be a balance between security and simplicity.

The second challenge is that the mobile technologies face is Bolstering Patient Engagement. A good mobile technology is one that keeps the patients informed and engaged (Fabian, Tatiana & Philipp 133). Most of these mobile applications lack this ability. The developers must ensure that mobile technologies favor both medical staff and patients.

From a data security perspective, security is a major challenge in mobile technology use in healthcare. The rise of mobile technologies in the healthcare sector has been beneficial to both doctors and patients alike, its implementation has not been without challenges. The first challenge of mobile healthcare is Security. Cyber-attacks have grown over the years in the business world. The health industry has not been spared (Fabian, Tatiana & Philipp 133). Patient information has become a target of these attacks with a success rate of one out of three. To overcome the security challenge, the mobile health industry must ensure that its system is resilient and immune to foreign intrusion. Constant review of the system, having security experts are some of the ways of mitigating against such problems.

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September 04, 2023
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