The Concept of Change, Comparison, and Connection

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Change refers to transformation from one state to another. Change is witnessed in so many aspects of life and it is inevitable. In this context, change is portrayed in many areas. Change is witnessed in this c concept as the author introduces some of the activities which occurred during the millennium. The emergence of large distance trade signals a c change as it opened up a way for the traders to visit different parts of the region hence cultural exchange occurred. Xuanzang travel to India reflects a change in his personal life. He interacts with the Indian Buddhism with the desire to know more about Buddhism and answer the questions related to the religion in his home country China. Through his stay in India, he gets time to interact with the Buddhist since that was the region of Buddhism. Through this, he is transformed by the life and culture of the people living in that area as he gets more understanding of the religion. A change is also seen in his life since through his stay in India he establishes a relationship with Harsha who was the king of that state by then. By returning back to his country, China he also carries some manuscripts with vast knowledge about religion which also changed the life of the Chinese about their understanding of the religion.


The comparison means examining two or more things to establish their similarities as well as their dissimilarities. In this context, the concept of comparison has been disclosed and is seen when Xuanzang moves to China to learn more about religion. Through his comparison of the Buddhism and other religion or even Buddhism in China and India, he realizes that there are some gaps which needed to be addressed and that's why he sets a journey to India which is the main area where this religion is practiced to know more about it. He also interacts with those who have a large knowledge about Buddhism and questions them about the religion. The comparison is also portrayed on different agricultural crops that are grown in parts of West Africa such as Morocco compared to some parts of Europe and North America to establish the similarities which indicate an interaction between the people living in those areas. The cultural comparison is also seen in some parts of West Africa kingdoms such as the kingdom of Mali. These kingdoms show some basic similarities and also some differences which brings the aspect of comparison in full application in the context.


Connection in this context involves communication communities of diverse cultural background, social background, religion and even other social characteristics such as the way of leadership. Connection, in this case, applies when the Xuanzang visits India to know more about religion. He interacted with the Indian and acquired more knowledge about the religion. This, in turn, transformed the religious character of Buddhist in his home country China. There is also some interaction between people of diverse cultural background through sprouting of long-distance trade which resulted in cultural and religious changes. Traveling of Individual behold their homeland has enabled the concept of a connection to be advanced especially the way the communities interacted and copied the characters of one another


The context has advanced well the concept of Change, comparison, and connection. The valid examples drawn from various communities is a clear indication that this concept is of good benefit for society to develop as it must adopt a change, and compare its cultural values with other communities and connect to those characters adopted by the other communities which are beneficial to the society

November 24, 2023

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